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Former X Factor stars Rough Copy sit down with music journalist Mark Boardman in an Exclusive Interview where they discuss their music, Nicole Scherzinger and fashion!


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What have you been up to since the The X Factor?
KAZ –  Hi Guys where do we start? Well, when we came out of the show we were fortunate enough to get our first major record deal with Sony (Epic Records) where we were able to release our first official single under a major label ‘Street Love’ which charted top 40 in the official RNB charts.

Along with the perks that come along with being signed and coming out of X.Factor we have done numerous shows ranging from ITV to CBBC, festivals, corporates so on and so forth.

And now, looking to the future we have our new single ‘Same Formula’ coming out in April, so look out for RC in a town near you when the promo for this starts.

Also we will be supporting ‘Damage’ at the end of April but before that we are joining some RnB heat on a two day circuit with ‘Day 26’, ‘JHoliday’ and ‘Pretty Ricky’ so make sure to get your tickets for that.

How did it feel to have supported like Nicole Scherzinger knowing who you are?
JOE – It was such an honor to have her support as she has accomplished so much in the industry, and I guess it just feels good to get love from someone you have so much love and respect for also.

KAZ – It felt and still does feel great. I mean she gave us nothing but support on the show; constructive criticism is always good. She’s a great soul.

Former X Factor stars Rough Copy sit down with music journalist Mark Boardman in an Exclusive Interview

Former X Factor stars Rough Copy sit down with music journalist Mark Boardman in an Exclusive Interview

“We love Rough Copy… these guys ARE RnB”. MarkMeets

Does the showbiz lifestyle interest you?
STERLING – The showbiz lifestyle is part of the package of being a RNB star, and we love it!! It’s fun, you get free stuff and can get away with certain lil things (smiles). There’s also a bad side to it too, but that’s just the entertainment industry.

KAZ – The lifestyle is part of the Job, events, premiers, club appearances, gifting it’s all a part of the lifestyle, not forgetting the not so glamorous side of showbiz.

JOE – The showbiz life style kind of comes with the Job we do as performers artist and of course the perks are great, but I see it as more of a bonus if anything.
Who have you met in the last year that you would love to work with?
KAZ – we have been fortunate enough to support and meet Omarion so it would be great to work with him. He’s got a great ear for music and he’s a part of music history coming out of the group ‘B2K’

JOE – Well when we was on x-factor we bonded really well with Nicole as you know and I would love to work with her on a musical artist level.

The ‘Same Formula’ lyric video is bangin!! What can we expect from the final cut vid?
STERLING – you can expect lots of dancing, partying, celeb cameo’s, sexy ladies, bling and ROUGHCOPY lol

JOE – You can expect excitement, fun vibes, smooth vocals and of course some serious swag!!!

KAZ – You can expect some fun visuals, some dancing which our supporters have not been able to see since The X Factor show, some eye candy, and of course RC doing what they have been fortunately blessed to do which is to Sing and perform.

Rough Copy 'A picture from the film AWOL we are featuring in!' Pic via Facebook

Rough Copy ‘A picture from the film AWOL we are featuring in!’ Pic via Facebook

What does the idea of RnB conjour up when you hear the genre mentioned?
KAZ – When we are talking RNB (Rhythm And Blues) it automatically sparks feeling, emotion. Take you back to when music had essence and meaning when artists used actually used to stand for something. Hence why RC are bringing it back as the #RNBAvengers

STERLING – The idea of R’N’B to most new cats is being able to do fancy riffs n put on sexy face lol, don’t get me wrong it happens lol cos I do it too! But it’s all about emotion, soul , passion and making people believe what your singing cos anyone can sing about love.

JOE – When I think rnb I just go straight back to the 90s as I grew up listing to the likes of r-kelly, Jodeci, 112, jagged edge, usher, Tyrece lets just say the list is endless.

Rough Copy to release new music and support Omarion + Damage on tour

Who would be your fourth member?
KAZ – Its hard to say as there are so many greats.

Would you ever consider creating your own line of clothing?

JOE – Personally my second love is fashion and a clothing label is definitely on the cards but the main focus right now is to get our music to a high enough level and then hopefully everything else will fall in to place!!!

KAZ – Of course! but at the moment the main focus is building a strong foundation with a loyal RC fan base, but when the time is right all the rest of the great ideas we have will fall into place

A few quick fire questions: Sam Smith or Ed Sheeran – Ed Sheeran
Kiss, Marry, Avoid. Rihanna – Marry, Lady Gaga – Kiss Katy Perry – Avoid

Finally, can you work out this anagram? CoughPory
ALL – (laughs) It’s ya boys – RoughCopy!

‘Same Formula’ is available on iTunes 3rd May


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