Sylvester Stallone and Michael B Jordan talk CREED movie


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Hollywood legend, Sylvester Stallone, and rising star Michael B Jordan who star in new movie, Creed, spoke about working together and hopes to do it again.

Sylvester said: “I was so happy that I finally got the last Rocky Balboa done… it got done, I was very satisfied with the results. That was 2006 and I thought, OK this is my crowning accomplishment. I was so happy with it, wave goodbye to the audience then eight years later [pretends to knock on the door and mimics director Ryan Coogler speaking to him] he goes, ‘I’m an unknown filmmaker, I haven’t made any movies yet, but I have this idea of bringing you back.’”


Speaking about not doing as much action in this film, Sylvester said: “I get off easy… It’s really surreal when I think, I’ve grown up in the shadow of my old character and I realise, I’m now Burgess Meredith. If you all remember Burgess, he was my original trainer and we’re the same age so it’s just incredible, Do you know what I mean? It’s just surreal.”

Michael spoke about his mother and how she keeps him in check: “My mom just moved back in with me, it’s definitely a change of pace, walking around with more clothes on…” he laughed, “She fully supports what I do, she’s my conscience and my spirit, she keeps me grounded.”

Sylvester also spoke about his mother, Jackie: “My mother is very unique, I can’t say but she’s doing pilates and tap dancing and things that should be just against the laws of nature,” he laughed.

On winning his Golden Globe at this week’s ceremony, Sylvester said: “It was fantastic, you have a few crossroads in your life and you say this happened and Rocky happened but to have the kids there, the wife there and the audience was packed with the most talented human beings in Hollywood and I thought I was coming in from a different area in the action world and usually those two worlds don’t meet ever… It was a choice I made but the fact that I was reintroduced into this mainstream, it was fantastic and to have my daughters there… Because they hate my movies, they go ‘Rambo ew, does he ever take a shower? Does he have to stab everyone? He has issues, he has seriously social issues’ and then all of a sudden with Creed, Creed has the most extraordinary music in it, coupled with Michael’s youthful enthusiasm, the director’s style, they went ‘Finally you’ve made a decent film!’”

On whether we will see Rocky on screen again, possibly in another Creed movie, Sylvester said: “We’re hoping that it will be because his journey is just beginning, his life is just starting, he has this love affair in the movie and that’s just blossoming so yes, I would hope so yes.”


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