Taylor Lautner talks Twilight and British humour in a new interview


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US heartthrob Taylor Lautner has spoken about the Twilight film series which made him a star and getting used to British humour.

Speaking about Twilight, which he starred in alongside Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Taylor spoke fondly of that time in his life: “I was 15 when I auditioned and filmed the first one at 16… Overall it was amazing, unbelievable but it’s crazy none of us knew when we got the job and we started filming, we had no idea it would be popular or successful or anything so it was kind of just thrown at us.”

Taylor Lautner

On working on British TV show, Cuckoo, Taylor said:“It’s sort of like a family environment, I had to adjust to the kind of comedy here, it’s a little more sarcastic a little dry but I’m learning and I love it, it’s such a fun time and our cast is all great people.”

Taylor also admitted he struggled with some British words and phrases: “I’m not sure what ‘cheeky’ means. I hear it used so much and in so many different ways, I can’t identify the real meaning of it. I don’t even know if it’s a good or a bad thing!” he laughed.

Taylor also spoke about doing martial arts as a kid, showing off his skills on the show. “I started extreme martial arts when I was six years old and it basically is the marriage of traditional karate, acrobatic gymnastics. My weapon that I did was the bo staff.”

A clip of a 12 year old Taylor performing his martial arts routine was shown before he showed off an impressive backflip to the audience, joking “There’s a 50, 50 chance that my suits splits, but as long as you don’t mind me continuing with a split suit!”. Rob Brydon performed his version of athleticism and did star jumps.

Watch the interview on the Jonathan Ross show this week.

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