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“Valeriya” — Exclusive Backstage Interview.

MarkMeets reporter Ali was invited to London’s, Hammersmith’s Eventim Apollo, to grab an interview with Valeriya, who is described as The Russian “Madonna”. Wow! I bet, Madonna would love to meet the singer sharing her spotlight.

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Firstly, Who is Valeriya?

Well, to start with: her real name is “Alla Yurievna Perfilova”. She is considered and praised as one of Russia’s loved musicians. Her music is described as “pop” and “romantic”. She has been awarded many times for her musical contribution in Russia, including: “Best Female Artiste” by Muz-TV and “Best Female Act” by MTV Russia. In 2005, the President of Russia, chose to award Valeriya “National Artist of Russia”, an honourary and highest title to artists who have devoted themselves to shaping the industry.

A true celebrity and icon of Russia. Valeriya has also collaborated with other celebrities here from the West, including: Robin Gibbs from the “Bee Gee’s” and has done charity work in Russia with Stephen Seagal. Amazing!

I had the honour of meeting with Valeriya backstage, at Hammersmith’s Eventim Apollo, to grab an exclusive interview to discuss her return to the UK, tour gossip and her newest arrival on stage, singing with daughter: Anna.

Read our interview here:

Valeriya, welcome back to the UK! You’ve been dearly missed. How does it feel for you to be back in London?

VALERIYA: I’m feeling great! More than a year since my last concert here in London, at the Royal Albert Hall. I had a great experience at Royal Albert Hall, the reception was so warm. We sang songs together, it was fun. Tonight, I’m having a concert at the legendary venue Eventim Apollo. Hopefully, tonight we’ll have the same atmosphere, I’ll try to do my best!

When you write the lyrics to your songs, how do you prepare yourself, what do you get influenced by?

VALERIYA: It should be related with my life, past or present. It should be something that I really feel.

Most of your music that you’ve wrote and sung has a very emotional touch to it. What message would you like your fans to take away from your tour tonight?

VALERIYA: You know, there is a saying: “Happiness asks for silence”. I don’t agree with this statement. I think there more love and positive energy we give, the more we gain back. So, I don’t mind sharing my happiness, my positive mood with the fans. That’s why many people have been coming to my concert for many years.

What have you got coming up in the future?

VALERIYA: A lot of touring. I’m going to release my album. It’s going to be released in a few weeks. I’ll be singing a few of my new songs here tonight and it’s very exciting because you have to get this feedback. When you are recording songs in the studio you might like them a lot but you don’t know how people may feel about it. I’ll be looking forward to the moment when I’ll be singing the songs.

How does it feel that your daughter “Anna” is singing with you tonight on stage?

VALERIYA: You know, it’s great! As a singer, as an artist I always been away from home and I miss them a lot. When I have the chance to be with them it’s a great feeling. On stage when we are together we connect and feel with each other very well. It’s such happiness to be together and to spend time in London to go sight seeing and being with each other, it’s great…

…It really is the “formula for happiness”?…

VALERIYA: …Yes, yes I think so. This is my formula for happiness. [Laughs].

Thank you Valeriya for having us. Good luck with tonight’s performance.

Your welcome.

If you like, you can watch our interview on YouTube here:

I listened to Valeriya in concert, although most of her songs were in Russian, and I couldn’t understand a single word. I couldn’t help but feel that what she sung was from her heart.

That she was taking her fans through an emotional tale through her lyrics. But, she did sing some english song classics! That I did understand. Jokes aside, getting to know and listen to Valeriya, was lovely.

Article by: Ali Armian.

Photography: Quulzz.

Popcorn’s Series by: Ali Armian from Quulzz.

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