Will Poulter speaks about The Revenant and kissing Jennifer Aniston


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Will Poulter stars in The Revenant – a movie which tops the nominations list at this year’s Oscars.

On making the film Will said: “We felt like we were all part of something special, I don’t think we felt 12 Oscar nominations special but we all felt like we were trying to tackle something that was unprecedented in many ways… I think if I’m being very honest, Leo [DiCaprio] was someone who I idolised growing up, I think a lot of people of my generation and certainly aspiring actors can’t help but be inspired by him, Tom [Hardy] too, someone I admire massively so to get to work with them was incredible, initially intimidating but they were so awesome. The most intimidating thing was being on set with men with such magnanimous beards!”

Will Poulter

Will spoke about being at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony earlier this month and joked that his seat on the table with The Revenant cast was in fact taken by John Krasinski. “Me and John were in similar positions where we both felt we were on tables where we didn’t necessarily belong… I was on a table with the producers of Shaun the Sheep, which by the way is incredible… and the amazing Mr Sam Smith… I wasn’t in Shaun the Sheep and I didn’t sing the soundtrack to Spectre so it was odd.”

John on the other hand was sat with Leonardo DiCaprio and the cast, crew and director of The Revenant. He joked about feeling bad at being in the back of their celebratory photographs.

Will also spoke about winning an MTV Movie Award in 2014 for ‘Best Kiss’ when he appeared in the film, We Are The Millers: “I can’t help but feel like Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts won the award and I was just there to collect it,” he started, “It was an experience that I just feel a huge amount of embarrassment about, I feel sorry for them… Listen, Kenny from We Are The Millers was not the coolest dude on the planet!”

Will spoke on the JONATHAN ROSS SHOW which airs SATURDAY 23RD JANUARY, 9.15PM ON ITV’

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