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The sequel to Creed is being fast-tracked – and it’s going to need a new director…

Plans are very much in action for a sequel to the sizeable success that is Creed. The Rocky spin-off, starring Michael B Jordan, won a Golden Globe for Sylvester Stallone over the weekend, and has been a good box office hit. The acclaimed film makes it to UK cinemas this weekend.

Creed 2

It was revealed last week that MGM was looking to get Creed 2 moving, even though director Ryan Coogler was unlikely to return. He’s now confirmed to direct Marvel’s Black Panther movie, and thus that’s going to keep him busy until early 2018.

Today the UK film premiere takes palce in London as MarkMeets can reveal that MGM wants Creed 2 sooner than that, with the sequel being targeted for November 2017. That means production will have to begin later this year, and that means the movie will need a new director.

Michael B Jordan will be back, though. But it looks like the hunt is on for a new director.

More on Creed 2 as we hear it.

Creed 2 Aiming for Fall 2017 Release Date

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