Make-up tips and beauty tricks to hide a hangover


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Partied a little too hard? Don’t let it show on your face with these quick and easy tricks to hide it.

You might be thinking more party make-up than the morning after, but there’s a fine art to hiding a hangover and we’ve got it.

tricks to hide a hangover

Whether you’ve hit the hay too late or stayed for just one more tipple at tonight’s new years party, the one place your tiredness and dehydrated body will show is your face.

Here to help you hide the evidence of a good night out as we have a few quick and easy tips on pepping up lacklustre or dull skin.

1. Double-dose of de-puffing
All of those cheeky champagne refills – or top-ups of any alcohol – can sap your skin of moisture and make your face appear puffy. Thankfully, a supermodel-approved solution is lurking in your kitchen, and it has the added bonus of making you feel a touch more awake.

2. Calm your complexion with clever concealing
If your usual concealer isn’t cutting the mustard when it comes to calming morning-after eyes, grab a palette of colour correctors that tackles all kinds of discolouration. We love the Kiko Colour Correction Concealer Wheel, £12.90, which boasts a green hue to correct flushed skin, lilac to reverse dullness, plus a warm beige that cancels blue tones in dark circles.

3. Skip foundation.
While it might be tempting to up your base when skin is suffering, the drying effects of alcohol mean foundations don’t apply as seamlessly . Swap heavy makeup for a BB cream blended with a drop of highlighter, and you’ll a) reap the hydrating rewards of the base and b) boast a kind of candlelit glow. Not bad when you’re living off three hours of sleep, huh?

We won’t tell if you won’t…

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