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Just like the title says: New Year, New Job so we thought we’d offer a few bits of interview advice for landing that perfect job.

Attending job interviews is a learned ability: the more interviews you attend, the better you get. Unfortunately, if you’re like most of us, you don’t always have time for trial and error.

Female  business talk call center operator

Female business talk call center operator

Below we’ll list out a few great tips to help you as you navigate the intensely competitive interview market. We’ll give you some great ideas on interviewing preparation, how to dress for the interview, how to present yourself at the interview, and what questions you should be prepared to answer.

So, now that you know what to expect, let’s begin.

Preparing for the Interview

All successful job interviews begin with you. The first thing you should do after a call back is do some deep research on the company you’ll be interviewing with. Go to their website and read their “About” page and any other pages that will give you an idea of exactly what they company’s mode of operations are. Don’t just go to their home page or landing page. Every company likes to know the person they’re hiring knows exactly what the company does, where they stand, and how they go about doing business.

Other ways to find out useful information on the company would be to look into any trade organizations the company or its employees belong to. This may offer you some insight on the type of person working at the company, and give you personal information on their ideal type of employee. All of this will give you ideas on what kinds of questions you may be asked (more on that later), and on what questions you should ask.

Also, make sure all of your pages across social media sites are clean and free of any content you may not want potential employers to see. According to this infographic, 91% of employers search your social media to see what kind of person you are.

Last piece of interview advice for this section: opt for a mid-morning interview time. Around 10:30 would be best. That way the interviewer has checked all email and is not thinking about lunch yet.

Dressing for the Interview

While you were conducting your research you would have gotten a good idea of the type of organisation you’ll be interviewing with. Always make sure your choice of attire fits in with the company’s culture. It’s perfectly fine to pop-in a day before the interview and observe how the employees dress for everyday work.

Remember it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed; dressing formal is perfectly acceptable. Here are some other quick tips on appearance:

  • wear clothing that is freshly pressed
  • keep jewelry and accessories to a bare minimum
  • do not smoke before the interview
  • make sure your breath is fresh smelling

Presenting Yourself at the Interview

First, arrive at the interview early. There is no excuse for being late and being late does not create a great first impression.

When you arrive for the interview take the time to say hello and even introduce yourself to any potential co-workers. Make a memorable impression. When you meet the interviewer(s) smile, make eye contact, and offer a firm handshake.

First impressions are very important in regards to job interviews. Studies have shown that the hiring decision on an applicant is typically made within the first 20 minutes.

Questions to Be Prepared For

If you’ve done your research diligently you should have no problems answering any questions the interviewer may have for you which relate to the job. Always be ready for the inevitable, “What are your weaknesses?” Admit your weakness, but turn this into a positive for you by going a step further and telling of how you’ve learned to overcome that weakness in the past.

The best question to be prepared for is, “What questions do you have for me/us?” Asking your interviewer great questions shows you’ve done your homework on the company and on the position your are interviewing for.

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