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VANS Footwear brand “Steve Van Doren” celebrates 50 years of the companies anniversary in London. Joining him are a room of electrified fans and a the established names in Music and Skateboarding.

Inside London’s underground scene at the Old Vic Tunnels. MarkMeets get a limited edition entry to the “House of Vans” venue. Where a group of roaring fans welcome to the stage musicians “Ratboy”, “Fat White Family” and Headline act “Dizzee Rascal”. Including a tailored D.J set by Annie Mac, then Julio Bashmore.

Dizzee Rascal
Steve Van Doren blended around the underground scene welcoming and thanking everyone who came to celebrate this momentous occasion with him. Steve also could be seen helping flipping burgers, taking selfies with fans and gave us the true honour of interviewing him. Read it here —

How does it feel reaching VANS 50 th Anniversary?
I know, right! 50 years ago my father started in 1966 and it feels great to be here in London celebrating it with all the great people out here, and people from Europe who have travelled in too.

VANS, it you know, the number one shoe seller in 1966. For us it was authentic and it still is the same today. Lots of skate highs and lots of old schools, but just very proud of the brand and far its gone.

I believe you are celebrating all around the world, not only just in London?
They’ve been doing stuff today in South Korea, yesterday was Hong Kong, and tomorrow is in Canada. Also, we’ll be here another day in London. We’ve also got our pro-skaters here to.

I must say, you’re not even jet-lagged. You’re still partying! How are you hanging up?
Hey! I’ve been waiting 50 years for this. When I was 10 years old my father started VANS, but, we have something like the House of VANS in London to celebrate, which is aweosme. Thanks for coming and celebrating with us.

Watch our highlights throughtout the night, including Dizzee pulling out a surprise!

With that, the evenings celebrations came to a close, but the Story of Vans will continue to unfold throughout 2016. Next stop, the World! Watch this space! Follow House of Vans updates and announcements on MarkMeets.

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Article & Interviews by: Ali Armian.

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