Wicked Vision celebrate 15 years of toys and games


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This year celebrates the 15-year anniversary of Wicked Vision, and they have something special planned for Summer Sun Fun.

The country’s leading manufacturer of active toys and games, Wicked, has launched an innovative swap scheme to encourage more active and outdoor play during the summer holidays.

Wicked Toys

Wicked Toys

This idea may seem a bit out there but they hope it will encourage the online social world to link up with the outdoor community. All you have to do is give a deposit of a smart phone, tablet or other such device and they will give you a box full of the latest’s must have summer toys for you play with in the park for as long as you like. When you’re done, just return the box and you get back your deposit! David Strang, Wicked’s Managing director, said: “it’s so simple it’s genius, we can’t believe it’s never been done before!”

Join up with colleagues, your friends or family and you can have a great time in the park, at your barbeque or just on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This scheme was trailed earlier this year in April in South West London where parents and children had great fun felling “freer and happier”.

Wicked Toys Pic

To re-connect with your inner child and get your hands on a box of fun head over to Wicked Vision Head Office 1 Gresham Way, London, SW19 8DW, United Kingdom. Alternatively you can contact them though their website


The initiative runs from 25th July 2015 for the duration of the school summer holidays – one box per party, no pre booking necessary. Please note that the office is open Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 16:00.

Words by Chuckie.

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