Dame Joan Collins is not a fan of make-up free celebs


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Dame Joan Collins believes women should make more of an effort to plaster on some make-up when they go out.

The 82-year-old actress who recently starred in Benidorm isn’t a fan of the natural look and thinks people should up their cosmetics usage when going to parties.

Joan Collins

Discussing what women get wrong about party make-up, she said: ”They don’t wear enough! They really don’t.”

And asked if that means she isn’t a fan of the no make-up look, she said: ”Not at all. Well, absolutely – when you’re eight.”

Joan prefers to take a glamorous approach to her own wardrobe and is ”very, very dedicated” to looking as good as possible at all times.

She explained: ”I don’t go in for the ‘less is more’ look particularly. I’ve always been very, very dedicated to looking as good as I possibly can, no matter what.”

But that doesn’t mean she will compromise on comfort for her red carpet wear.

She told Grazia magazine: ”A [special event] gown has to be comfortable. I don’t like to be too trussed up.”

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