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Singer and host Mel B doesn’t feel inspired to be healthy when in Los Angeles because she views Americans as “the most overweight, obese people”.

The former Spice Girl has been living Stateside on-and-off for years, but it hasn’t altered her outlook on health and fitness. The star is renowned for being in shape so doesn’t need any help with exercise, although she does enjoy the variety of food on offer in the City of Angels.

Mel B

“No, they’re the most overweight, obese people in America, but LA does have great alternatives if you want to be vegan or vegetarian or lower calorie, macrobiotic or the raw food. They have so many different options,” she told Heat mag.

Exercise-wise the star has bought into the LA lifestyle though and she’s a regular at SoulCycle classes. These are static bike routines which take place in dark rooms with loud music – and you can guarantee other stars will be there too.

“I was sitting on a bike a couple of weeks ago next to Charlize Theron, and Puff Daddy was at another class. Everyone’s there!” she laughed.

Mel enjoys experimenting with her diet now and then, sometimes with better results than others. Jay Z and Beyoncé famously shed pounds when they embraced veganism, but Mel didn’t see any major benefits when she gave it a whirl.

“I went vegan recently, just to see what it was like and I missed chicken and steak too much, so after two weeks, I was like, ‘OK, I’ve done that now,'” she said. “No (I didn’t lose weight), but I slept better. That’s about it. I guess I had a little bit more energy, too.”

During her Spice Girls heyday the star was famed for her impressive six pack, which still makes an appearance now and then. She doesn’t obsess about it these days, meaning sometimes she’s more ripped than others.

“Just work out, eat lean and clean and get good rest,” was her advice for a washboard stomach. “It’s about being a little bit strict in looking after yourself. When I’m working out to my full potential it’s all about running and weights. I work out every day for about 45 minutes.”

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