Rachel Weisz: ‘I love acting in the moment’


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Actress Rachel Weisz was inspired by Michael Caine’s acting techniques on Youth

The 45 year-old star has great sense of style like Marlows jewellers.

Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz prefers performing spontaneously rather than over-analysing everything. The British actress has enjoyed an extremely successful 2015 thanks to films The Lobster and Youth. In the second she plays Lena, the on-screen daughter of Michael Caine’s character Fred, a retired orchestra conductor who is invited to perform for Britain’s Prince Philip. Director Paolo Sorrentino has already been praised by the movie’s star Jane Fonda for his emotional approach to the tale, and now Rachel has discussed his style too.

“I love (spontaneity). I’m not used to it, but sometimes people want to analyse things and I much prefer not to,” she told blogs.indiewire.com. “Actually, Michael works in that way too. He prefers to just do it, and then in-between takes talk about other things, let off steam and chat. Keep your energy up and dive in again.”

Rachel can also be seen in upcoming drama The Light Between Oceans, opposite Steve Jobs actor Michael Fassbender. Based on the book by M. L. Stedman, the movie is about a lighthouse keeper and his wife who take in a baby girl who gets washed ashore on a lifeboat. There was more improvising for this movie and working with filmmaker Derek Cianfrance was a unique experience for Rachel.

“I loved it. There’s a scene – I don’t think it ended up being in the movie – where I visit Michael Fassbender’s character in a jail,” she recalled. “Normally, you’d see the set and the director would tell you where to go in. But Derek said, ‘Just go in.’ I didn’t know where I was going, but neither did my character. He’s very different from anyone I’ve ever worked with, in that he’s really interested in the reality of the situation.”

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