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Having promoted some of today’s best known and hottest music acts from when they began their journey, we’re pleased to showcase the amazing talent of solo star: CONWAY

Kassia Conway loves the idea of limitless possibility. Pursuing a solo project has been her way of being open to anything. The hot musician and songwriter, former bassist and singer in Los Angeles group All Wrong And The Plans Change, began writing solo material three years ago with the goal of having no boundaries when it came to genre or style. “It’s one thing to listen to a bunch of different kinds of music..but quite another to let yourself embrace them all as part of your own voice…especially since people love to put things in boxes.”


“I want to allow for depth in my songs”.


MarkMeets’ featured artist for November 2014 draws  inspirations  from a range of artists, from Talking Heads to Joy Division to Outkast to Miles Davis.

On song writing Conway says “I write constantly, on any and everyaround I always come to the studio with something to say. But somehow, I still end up writing a lot on the spot. I’m very inspired by the vibe in the air, my mood and usually a drum beat. I love the energy that comes in the moment.”

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“Conway is one of my favourite singers of 2014” and is one of our – ‘One’s to watch’ – Mark Boardman (Music Journalist).

Conway – Shut Up

Punk singer Conway was recently stage at London’s Heaven supporting Charli xcx (Who will soon ber performing at the MTV awards).

The question for Conway is always “What this become?” It’s an ideal she applies to her live performance, a dynamic, impassioned delivery that ebbs and flows with the same variation as the songs. She even creates her own stage costumes, reveling in the joy of wearing colorful, “I would like to continue to work with artists, video directors, writers, photographers
and costume designers,” Conway says. “I want to make art and be involved in multimedia that supports my music. Music is supposed to be a conversation. For me, big picture, I’d like to blow that out to as many aspects of the creative world as I can. I want to use all aspects of art to dream and create a compelling story.”

Conway began playing live in September with a backing band that includes her best friend Amy Wood on drums. Although the musician sees Conway as a solo project she feels the band is integral to translating the music to the stage. So far the group has performed at CMJ, supported both St. Lucia and The Fratellis on U.S. runs, played live on PDiddy’s RevoltTV network launch and opened for bands like Cults, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and NONONO. These live shows have introduced Conway to several of her current collaborators, including renowned artist Zach Gold, who directed the video for “Hustler.” The performances reflect Conway’s desire to offer an intelligent alternative to contemporary pop music, one founded in sincere.

Conway speaks her mind, always expressing what she sees and how she sees it. “I want to broaden the range of what pop can be while still accessing a lot of people,” the musician says. “I want to allow for depth in my songs.” In many ways, Conway is the result of a carefully constructed vision, one that incorporates all possible aspects of artistic expression. But in another it is the product of a musician who has learned to release control and accept what comes her way. There is a perceivably unabashed freedom inherent in the songs she creates and it’s one that translates to the listener.

“I have to let go,” Conway says. “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been because of it. I have no idea what’s going to happen but I’m doing it anyway. At the end of the day there can be no regrets or stones unturned.”

“She’s a refreshinging artist who we love”  – MarkMeets Entertainment

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