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Meet our December 2015 featured music artist


Exposure are a 4 piece, harmony driven boyband based in London. Members include Giles Potter from 2013’s X Factor, Facebook superstar Jamie Hutcheson plus Talis Eros and Jason Allan.

With a combined fanbase of over 500k they really are the ones to watch next year.

Exposure Boyband

MarkMeets’ featured artist EXPOSURE are our rising stars for December 2015

Expect massive pop ballads and feel good pop anthems from these upcoming superstars!

How did you all meet?
GP: Actually it was shortly after I was on ‘X Factor’ that my management at the time decided it would be a good idea to start a boyband. I was sent hundreds of videos and that’s how I found Jamie!

JA: If I remember that’s when you found me busking in Liverpool! I’d already seen a video of the boys and knew instantly that I was interested in joining – a few days later and I never looked back. We found Talis singing on facebook and knew that we wanted him involved.

TE: Obviously I said yes and now here I am haha!

What can you recall from your first ever gig?
JH: Actually I’ll never forget that gig as it was the first time my Grandma had ever seen me sing, made the whole thing feel very special!

TE: I just remember running out on stage and hearing our fans going crazy, it was one of those moments you never forget! The buzz from that night was incredible!

JA: I can just recall how nervous I was haha! I’m a LOT better these days just knowing that I’ve got my 3 best friends stood right next to me!

“This is just the start of an even bigger future for EXPOSURE” – MarkMeets Entertainment

Is there anything you would have changed looking back?
JA: I’ve thought about this a lot actually, but honestly there isn’t anything I’d change – I love everything about this band!

JH: Definitely not!

GP: I wouldn’t change anything for the world, it’s been incredible so far – the boys are like brothers to me!

If you could collab with any artist / band who would you like it to be?
TE: Straight away it would have to be Ed Sheeran, such a great vocalist and songwriter!

JA: The 1975 for me any day of the week, they sound like nothing else I’ve ever heard and I just think we’d create something nobody has ever heard.

JH: James Arthur or Sam Tsui for me!

What one item of could you never live without?
GP: I think we’ll all be saying our phones here aha! We’re all on our phones 24/7!

JH: Yup it’s my phone!

JA: Actually it’s probably my hairspray haha, followed closely by the phone!

Exposure MarkMeets

“EXPOSURE: We’re VERY excited about 2016, we’ve got lots of surprises coming up and some HUGE things brewing. Expect NEW everything’”

Which celebs do you have a crush on?
JH: Well I can answer that one straight away haha! There’s rather a few but I must admit I think Ariana Grande is absolutely beautiful!

TE: It’s got to be Cheryl Fernandez–Versini or Michelle Keegan for me!

JA: I think for me it’s Paloma Faith, I don’t really know why! Everybody loves a bit of Paloma though!

How often do you guys work out?
JH: Despite what the boys may say, Jason does the most exercise for sure – Giles likes to go to the gym to take selfies sometimes aha!

GP: ahaha I do work out! Me and Jason have recently joined the gym and I’m hoping to hit it as much as possible before Summer strikes again!

TE: Just, no. Haha.

You have a strong following online – Who is the social media guru then?

JA: Haha, well it’s definitely not me, I’m useless with technology. It was only last week that I discovered how to use the torch on my phone. I hate saying it because he knows it but it has to be Jamie.

JH: MWAHA I am Jamie, chief of facebook!


Were you excited to be asked to do a town Xmas light switch-on for the first time?
TE: I haven’t done one yet unfortunately, but I’ve always wanted to! GP: Yeah I was insanely excited! It’s just such a good event to perform at and gets you in that Christmas spirit straight away!JH: I once got to flick the switch up! Not going to lie, it definitely made me feel like I had super-powers.

Where will you all be this Christmas?
GP: I’ll be at home with my family this year, can’t wait to spend some proper time with them after how crazy and busy this year has been so far!

JA: I’ll be back in Liverpool with my mum and sister, it’s actually the first time I’ll see them in months!

TE: Really looking forward to spending some time at home and just chilling!

What can we expect from you in 2016?
JA: We’re VERY excited about 2016, we’ve got lots of surprises coming up and some HUGE things brewing. Expect NEW everything, we’ll be announcing some very exciting things soon so keep your eye on our Facebook page.

JH: Really we’ve just been working hard for our awesome fans who have supported us through thick and thin

GP: Yeah, we really couldn’t have done it without them!

JH: We’re incredibly excited about the things coming, I can’t really say much but just be excited!

TE: 2016 is definitely our year, we’re ready to pounce! It’s going to be MASSIVE.

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