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Meet our November 2015 featured music artist


Idolising Nova are an upcoming band from Peterborough who play with a pop rock/indie feel, taking inspiration from the likes of The Killers, Mumford and Sons and Kings of Leon toname a few.

Jack Fulton Smith (Vocals) aged 22, James Izzo 25, (Guitar/Vocals), Ollie Gale (Guitar/Vocals) 23, and Nathan Fitzgerald (Lead Guitar) 25, are talented songwriters, musicians and performers.


Idolising Nova was originally Jack and Ollie who uploaded acoustic covers to YouTube, and they played their first gig at the O2 Academy in Islington at the end of August.

Alluring show man and experienced musician James and the talented guitarist Nathan, have now joined Jack and Ollie in Idolising Nova to create this exciting 4 piece.

They are a group of friends who have a strong passion for music, and are looking forward to the release of their debut single ‘Girl’.

MarkMeets’ featured artist IDOLISING NOVA are our rising star for November 2015

James was formerly in a band called WhiskyJax who were signed to V2 Records, played on BBC Radio 2 and played in Jack Wills stores around the country. James’s wealth of experience and talent alongside Jack, Ollie and Nathan’s passion for music is sure to bring some exciting times for this group of friends from Peterborough, and some great music for everyone to listen to!

They explain how they met…”James and Nathan have known each other for many years, and the same with Jack and Ollie. Jack and Ollie went to watch James and Nathan’s cover band play and asked them if they wanted to play together sometime. We really clicked andstarted writing during our first session playing together.”

On coming up with a band name, they said: “We wanted a name that was different and stands out, and we’ve got that with Idolising Nova. Nova is a star, so Idolising Nova basically means that we idolise what the stars are doing and want to be doing what they are doing. The stars obviously being the bands and artists that we look up to.”

Idolising Nova members Jack Smith, James Izzo, Ollie Gale, Nathan Fitzgerald

“This is just the start of an even bigger future for IDOLISING NOVA” – MarkMeets Entertainment


The lads fan base is growing quickly, when asked how do you feel about that? : “We cannot thank everyone enough for the support that we are getting, we really do appreciate it. It’s great that people want to listen to new bands and we think platforms like MarkMeets and BBC Introducing are playing a huge part in people’s mentality of wanting to check out new bands. They really are great for upcoming bands and artists. It’s also great that we have social media these days to keep in touch with the people who support us, and that they can spread the word about us etc. But yeah, we really do appreciate the support that we are getting.”

How excited are you for your single to be released? We are really excited to start getting our own songs out there. But this is just the beginning, we’ve already started writing more songs and we’ll continue to write for a while now. We are really excited for people to hear what we’ve wrote, we’re proud of it, so we hope people like it.

If you could give a message to others reaching their dreams what would it be? The main thing is just don’t give up, keep pushing for what you want to achieve or believe in and the sky is the limit! Find the right people to work with, people that you share the same amount of passion with and enjoy playing music with.

What’s been the highlight for you so far? The highlight for us so far has to be our first gig. We played at O2 Academy2 Islington in front of around 100 people, and we just enjoyed it so much. The reaction that we got during the set when everyone was singing along and at the end when everyone cheered for an encore, it was just really fun and we loved every minute of it.

Have you had any weird fan presents or messages? We haven’t had any weird presents, but we’ve very kindly been sent some really cool ones. Someone sent us guitar picks with our logo on, and someone else sent us bracelets that they had made with our names on.

How did you all get into music? We’ve always been into music from a young age. We all had bands that we loved listening to and looked up to, like Kings of Leon, The Killers and many more. Seeing these bands play on telly or at gigs is what got us playing in the first place really.

If you wasn’t in the band where would you be? That’s a difficult one really because we have always been around music. It’s hard to picture not playing in a band!

Who are your inspirations? We are big fans of Kings of Leon, The Killers, Mumford & Sons, Foals and many other awesome bands, and they all played a part in us wanting to write and play music.

“You can expect loads of layers of vocals with our music, and always expect the unexpected because we play different instruments and have different musical talents to that of what we will be using for ‘Girl’”


Who or what keeps you motivated? The passion that we all have for music and how much we enjoy playing together, and the friendship that we have between the 4 of us is what keeps us motivated. But we all just love music, whether it’s listening to bands in our spare time, going to gigs or playing ourselves, we just love it.

If you could swap with any singer/musician who would it be and why? James- Jim Morrison from The Doors. They were one of the best rock bands of the 60’s mainly due to to Jim Morrison’s lyrics and how he was on stage. He was just a real character and great at what he did. Ollie- Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon. Kings of Leon are my favourite band of all time, and he is just an amazing front man. They are the first band that I ever saw live and I’ve just loved them ever since.

Nathan- Johnny Cash- he was ‘the man in black’, and he’s a musical legend. Jack- Ryan Tedder- He is just an incredibly talented musician. He’s an amazing front man in One Republic, has wrote some really cool/successful songs for other artists, and he can play a whole variety of instruments. One Republic are definitely the best live band that I’ve seen; I saw them support Ed Sheeran at Wembley this year and they were incredible.

Who would you like to collaborate with? I think collaborating is more something that huge bands/artists do, not upcoming bands like us. But I don’t think anyone would turn down collaborating with Maroon 5, they are an awesome band and they’ve always sounded great when they’ve collaborated with other artists.

Have you got any hidden talents or embarrassing secrets you could tell us about one another? Hidden talents, Ollie is really good at football, Jack plays Ice Hockey, Nathan is really good on computers, and James cooks incredible food. We’ll keep the embarrassing secrets a secret for now!

What events would you have loved to play this time next year? It would be great to be involved in BBC Introducing and play on their stages at Reading And Leeds or Glastonbury etc. Also, playing live on a big radio station would be really cool.

Do you have a message for your fans? We’re going to hit the ground running, so stick with us, and we really hope that you like ‘Girl’. We really appreciate all the support that we’ve had so far, and can’t wait to meet you and play for you at gigs, and write more music for you to listen to.

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