4 Top Rock Festivals to Visit Before You Die


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There are many rock festivals that you should attend before you die.

Depending on your music taste, budget or travel preferences, among other reasons, you may prefer some festivals as opposed to others.

Best Rock Festivals

Best Rock Festivals

Nevertheless, wherever the rock festival is held, your enjoyment is guaranteed. If you need some help in loosening up, click here to check how to have good time at a rock concert.

Below is a list of great rock concerts for those who love to travel and want to know how people all over the world rock.

1. Warped Tour

• The tour was started in 1994 by Kevin Layman.

• It usually happens between June and August every year.

• The tour goes through several cities in North America.

The warped tour should be attended at least once in a lifetime because:

• You get to go through more than 40 cities in North America.

• You will get an awesome mix of rock bands ranging from metal core, pop electronic, hardcore punk, alternative rock, hip-hop and many more genres of rock music.

• You get to see new upcoming artists make their mark.

• The tour is deeply rooted in punk culture where skaters can enjoy a half pipe

• Currently the warped concert has evolved to include other genres of music apart besides the music apart from punk rock.

Pierce The Veil performing at Warped Tour

Pierce The Veil performing at Warped Tour

2. Glastonbury Festival

• The festival was started in 1970 in Pilton, Somerset, England by Michael Eavis.

• It was originally called the Blues and Folk Festival, Pilton Pop and the

• The festival usually takes place every year in June over a period of 5 days.

• The first ever act at the festival was a progressive rock band called Stackridge and ever since, a wide variety of music has been performed at the festival including pop, world music, reggae, folk, hip-hop and various sub genres of rock including heavy metal.

The Glastonbury Festival should be attended at least once in a lifetime because:

• You will get to enjoy a variety of other performing arts apart from the music including comedy, circus, theatre, cabaret and dance, among others.

• Glastonbury is the largest out-of-town festival in the world and has an average attendance of about 175,000 revelers.

• The festival raises millions of dollars for good causes.

Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival

3. Fuji Rock Festival

• The festival started in 1997 in Naeba, Japan and is still organized by Smash

• It takes place every last weekend of July for a period of 3 days.

• The first festival was unstoppable despite a typhoon and an injured Red Hot Chili Peppers member who had broken an arm.

The Fuji Rock Festival should be attended at least once in a lifetime because:

• The festival features over 200 international and Japanese musicians making it

• Awesome rock from all over the world.

• Get to visit Japan and meet diverse cultures.

• Get to camp outside or stay in a nearby ski resort.

Fuji Rock Festival

Fuji Rock Festival

4. Oppikoppi Music Festival

• The Oppikoppi Music Festival started in 1994 in Northam, South Africa.

• The festival takes place every year on the 2nd

• The genres of music performed at the festival include rock, metal, world music jazz, house, indy, acoustic, and several other genres.

The Oppikoppi music festival should be attended at least once in a lifetime because:

• You get to enjoy a wide variety of music including rock music.

• You get to enjoy Africa and its naturally beautiful environment.

• Apart from music, you can enjoy other acts including comedy.

The list above is obviously not exhaustive. For a more comprehensive list, check out the greatest rock festivals by clicking here.

Oppikoppi Music Festival

Oppikoppi Music Festival

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