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“THIRDEYE” is a London based alternative/indie/rock duo consisting of Jenny Plant (@jennyplantmusic) and Nevamis (@nevamis).

Jenny and Nevamis formed THIRDEYE in September 2014 after meeting at an open mic night where they both were captivated by eachothers sounds and therefore decided to join forces. In the short time they have been working together, THIRDEYE have put out an EP and are mid way through writing their album.

THIRDEYE take their listeners on a journey from atmospheric chords and haunting vocals, to heavy electronic rock sounds that make you want to dance.

“THIRDEYE put their soul into every note delivering a soothing tone” said Entertainment writer Mark Boardman


Check them out on Soundcloud and keep update with when they are gigging via twitter.”


Twitter – @thirdeyesounds


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