The never-ending appeal of James Bond


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The never-ending appeal of James Bond - Online slots UK

Few fictional characters have enjoyed life in the 21st century as much as James Bond. From his origins in the 1950s as a spy in Ian Fleming’s novels, to his current incarnation as an international movie star and focus of UK online slots games, the deeply British hero has successfully endured changing trends and shifting media landscapes.

For many, the golden age of James Bond will always be restricted to the 1960s where Sean Connery gave the character a formidable screen presence with groundbreaking performances in films such as Goldfinger and Thunderball.

It quickly became apparent that it was the spy’s lifestyle and catchphrases that really warmed him to cinema audiences. And with an impressive array of outlandish gadgets such as a shark-bursting pen, it was clear that Bond was a character who’d show an impressive ability to change with the times.

However, during the 1970s and 1980s, the actor Roger Moore had a tendency to make some of Bond’s catchphrases seem a little cheesy, so the 1990s and 2000s saw a reinvention of a no-nonsense James Bond in films such as Casino Royale that was welcomed by many ardent fans.

These impressive movies also gave the character extra impetus to explore new media territories with the iconic GoldenEye game for the Nintendo 64 giving the star the chance to become acquainted with a new generation of gamers.

And even online gaming sites such as Betway found a little Bond-based inspiration in their Agent Jane Blonde online slots UK game that featured some substantial progressive jackpots and also begged the question as to why there hasn’t yet been a female Bond character.

Already there is a great deal of speculation over who could fill Daniel Craig’s shoes in the next Bond film. Despite 2015’s Spectre being one of the most successful James Bond titles, there are many clues that the movie could have been Craig’s last outing as the secret service agent.

Many people have already pointed to the likes of Idris Elba to provide the world with the first black James Bond. And the fact that the topic has already become the focus of many mainstream news sites clearly illustrates just how popular the spy star has become.

But with still no news as to what the next Bond story will be, or when it will appear, many fans will have to make do with visiting the UK online slots sites to get their latest Bond fix.


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