EXTINCTION Jurassic Predators movie review


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Extinction – Jurassic Predators movie review

James is a last minute stand-in cameraman, tasked to help Michelle document Professor John Howson and his team’s work. Unfortunately, deforestation has destroyed the area of the Amazon they were going to explore. After some discussion the team decide to go further into unknown but they find they have bitten off more than they can chew.

EXTINCTION Jurassic Predators movie review

EXTINCTION Jurassic Predators movie review

“RAW-SOME!” We finally have a producer, Ben Loyd-Holmes, who sees the limitations of CGI and uses the tried and tested animatronic to bring to life an extinct bread of dinosaurs in the Amazon. This is, in my opinion, the key to creating moments where cinema goers want to hold their breath in anticipation, as these realistic reptiles sniff out their pray. I remember doing this whilst watching ‘raptors in Jurassic Park and now watching Extinction, I found myself sitting with the entire audience doing the same once again.

This film feels very genuine, from the characters and acting to the environment it was filmed in. Surprisingly the primary location is Wales. What most people think is a damp and dreary place actually has some stunning views, which Loyd-Holmes has captured wonderfully. The same can be said for his cast.

Sarah Mac, a reporter who will do anything to stay professional and document all the events as they unfold, plays Michelle. Mac appears to easily develop her role of the independence to slowly needing for comfort and support of the slightly kooky cameraman James.

EXTINCTION Jurassic Predators

EXTINCTION Jurassic Predators

Daniel Caren’s character, James the cameraman, adds a light human approach to the film. Regularly voicing whatever comes to his mind, something that I think a few people would do when trying to rationalise a situation like this.

One of the greatest things about this film has to be its style. Extinction is a British independent film, something you really don’t see much of in cinema recently. What they have created just goes to show you don’t need to explode a car and have a huge budget to keep tension. It also combines a filming style first seen in the Blair Witch Project, which has only been used a couple of times after that, with classical cinematic philosophy; it’s what you don’t show that can be scariest. These work perfectly together, the shots seems to be based more on a natural reaction rather than a planned scene where you might be able to predict what is soon to follow.

Although all of the film did have this very natural feel to it, I think the dialogue could have been tweaked in a few places to keep the pace and elevate some of the more emotional parts. When a film has that personal touch of ‘shaky cam’ it does allow a whole different view; the entire film becomes personal and the emotions seem raw. For a writer trying to convey the same touch but keep the story clear can be difficult, especially if they don’t include irrelevant just for someone to justify their actions.


Overall this is one crazy adventure, with some very nice aspects that I have never seen combined in a film before. If you get a chance to watch it, take what you can from the film. Whether it be a stern warning about deforestation and the effects this has on the world around us or always trying to achieve your best or simply that dinosaur films are still really cool! I would also say keep an eye on some of the name in this film, I will be very interested in what will come next in the British indie cinema scene.

EXTINCTION Jurassic Predators had it’s London film permiere at the Prince Charles Cinema Leicester Square on Wednesday 25th February 2015 and is in cinemas NOW.

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