Frankie Boyle to star in his first film


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Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle has landed his first film role

Boyle, who is teetotal is set to play a recovering alcoholic in Gasping, the directorial debut of Still Game star Greg Hemphill.

Frankie Boyle to star in his first film | MarkMeets Worldwide Film News |
His co-star with Gavin Mitchell, from Still Game, who will play an Alcoholics Anonymous member, and Gianni Capaldi as his best friend.

Hemphill told The Scotsman: “Although it is a comedy, just because you make light of something doesn’t meant that you cannot treat it seriously.

“I would be pretty gutted if anyone saw this film and thought that we had not dealt with the issue entirely sympathetically.

“It’s certainly not crass or opportunistic gag-fest.”

He added: “I think it’s funny, smart and has a bit of heart – but it is also a bit hopeless.”

The director continued: “Frankie is absolutely brilliant in it. That’s why I wrote this with him in mind.

“This was the first thing I’ve directed but I found it a wonderful, thrilling experience. I’d love to do it again.”

Boyle will have some empathy with his character, as he reportedly struggled with alcohol problems in the past.

The film was filmed earlier this year in Glasgow, Perth and Dumfries.

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