Jessica Alba would go nude for a movie role


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Jessica Alba may have showed off her curves in skimpy swimsuits and lacy lingerie for films such as Into The Blue and Sin City.

But the 33-year-old ‘Sin City’ actress has yet to go take it all off. In fact, in 2006 she sued Playboy magazine for putting an image of her on their cover because it suggested she could have appeared naked inside.

Jessica Alba would go nude for a movie role | MarkMeets News |

While appearing on Fox & Friends on Thursday the mother-of-two revealed she could change her mind about showing her assets, though. ‘I’m not going to say that I never will [go nude] in my life, but right now and so far it hasn’t been necessary,’ she said.

The hosts raised the issue of her well known refusal to go naked for her work as an actress.

She was also quick to explain that a large part of the reason is not wanting to be disrespectful to her family or create an uncomfortable atmosphere at gatherings.

‘Frankly, it’d be awkward at Christmas if my Grandma and Grandpa saw certain things!’ she giggled, adding: ‘I don’t know, I’m old school!’

Jessica looked beautiful for her TV appearance.


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