Keanu Reeves joins The Whole Truth movie cast


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‘The Matrix’ star Keanu Reeves has signed-on to the ‘The Whole Truth’.

The 49-year-old actor is set to replace Daniel Craig, who left the movie in April days before filming was due to kick off, in Courtney Hunt’s courtroom drama.

Keanu Reeves joins The Whole Truth movie cast | movie News |
The hunky star has taken on the role of a defence lawyer, who is representing a teenager accused of murdering his wealthy family.

Reeves will be starring alongside Renee Zellweger and Gabriel Basso in the film, which has been penned by Nicholas Kazan.

However, details on the plot are being kept tightly underwraps.

Filming, which was due to start three months ago in Boston, was thrown into chaos earlier this year when the ‘James Bond’ hunk departed the project abruptly, without reason.

However, the news of Craig’s exit came as a shock to everyone as according to The Boston Globe newspaper at the time, the actor – who is married to Rachel Weisz – had been spotted at Suffolk County Superior Court in March doing research for the role.

Meanwhile, now that Hunt has found her leading man and a full cast is in place, production is set to kick off next month in New Orleans.


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