Top 5 Romantic Films of All Time


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Top 5 Romantic Films of All Time

Who doesn’t love a good romance film? Snuggling next to your partner or watching it with all your girl pals. Romance films are a beautiful genre, they can make you cry, make you laugh, they set you on a whole rollercoaster of emotions. These films are going to make you want to flirt and connect with other people in an intimate way. We compiled a list of classic romance films and some new releases to give you a wholesome list. Romance is in the air and these films will make the magic come to life.

  1. The Notebook

You probably knew that this film was going to make the list, whenever anybody asks about romance films The Notebook is one that pops into everyone’s head. Even people who don’t watch romance films will choose this one. Set in the 1940’s in South Carolina, The Notebook is a tale of forbidden love, with tragedy and heartbreak around every corner.

A love story between rich and poor, with a love for each other that never leaves them. The Notebook is both tragic and an uplifting romance film that anyone who loved the genre would recommend. The Notebook is the 15th grossing romantic drama of all time and won a variety of Teen Choice Awards and MTV Awards. The tale is complex and always worth a watch.

  1. La La Land

La La Land was released in 2016 and reached critical acclaim within months of its release. Another film starring Ryan Gosling, that’s always a winner for romance drama, La La Land brings together two aspiring artists looking for their claim to fame. Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) fall in love while trying to make it in Hollywood, but as mounting fame and prestige are given to them both their love becomes hard to maintain.

La La Land receive nominations are a variety of award shows and the chemistry between the two leads is palpable. The narrative and music drive the film and create an amazing piece of art as well as a fantastic romance film.


Another classic to make it onto our top 5 romantic films list is Titanic. An ultimate historical romance that bears witness to the horrifying events of the Titanic, with a beautiful love story to drive it. A tale of love between rich Rose (Kate Winslet) and the poor Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio), the two find their fates entwined. The story is absolutely beautiful and will not fail to make you cry. You don’t simply see the events that unfold with Rose and Jack, but how the disaster of the Titanic affected those on board.

The Titanic has a strong impact on all audiences and ladies if you want to see your man cry this is the film to do it. Titanic connects with audiences in a way that other romance films can’t quite live up to.

4.Love Actually

Love Actually is a beautifully complex film that tells nine independent stories of people in love. Set at the most magical time of the year, Christmas, the stories told are heartbreaking and uplifting, sending you on the emotional ride of a life-time. Love Actually has an entire retinue of fantastic actors like Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman and Andrew Lincoln.

A brilliant film for all times of year that connects you with the complexities of love. Love Actually is most magical when it Christmas is round the corner, but the beauty of the film can be experienced throughout the year.

5.Bridget Jones’s Diary

Bridget Jones is known for being an incredibly witty romance film that captures British sensibilities. Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger) encompasses the struggles of women looking to date, whether to wear the granny underwear or not is a classic scene for the film. The diary she keeps about her adventures with Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) is both provocative and hilarious.

Romantic comedies are a fantastic genre to experience the complexities of love while having a good time. You’ll cry both from laughter and from the romance scenes. Bridget Jones is the top romantic comedy around. It’s a hilarious film that interweaves the struggles of real dating, it is life-like and a wonderful adventure when watching Bridget Jones.

These are our top 5 romantic films to watch, there are so many out there, classics and new releases to be explored. However, this is the quintessential list to start your romantic genre journey with. A wide variety of quality romance films to get you hooked on the genre forever. Go out and enjoy all the nuisances of romantic films and experience the stories they have to tell.


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