Jessie J to release Sweet Talker in October


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Jessie J will release her third studio album ‘Sweet Talker’ on October 13.

Jessie J to release Sweet Talker in October | MarkMeets Music News |

The songstress who is currently riding high in the charts with her latest release ‘Bang Bang’, which also features Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, is set to take to the stage at the MTV VMAs in Los Angeles this weekend ahead of the release of her album.

The new album, which also features iconic hip-hop group De La Soul, is said to be a more powerful, grown-up release than her two earlier records, ‘Who You Are’ (2011) and ‘Alive’ (2013), both of which were big commercial successes.

Jessie, 26, is one of the UK’s most popular exports and her latest release boasts slick production and is also typical of her feisty personality.

What’s more, the album is a showcase for the London-born star’s impressive vocal range and underlines her status as an increasingly-important figure on the global music scene, with the likes of Grande and Minaj appearing on the record.

The album artwork, meanwhile, features a striking shot of a scantily-clad Jessie holding her head with her eyes closed.

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