Sam Bailey excited ahead of Beyonce tour date tonight


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X Factor champ Sam Bailey is looking forward to performing alongside Beyonce at her tour date in Birmingham tonight.

The singer had originally been set to take up a full support slot on Beyonce’s UK leg of her current world tour but the shows clashed with The X Factor’s own live show, currently also touring the country.

Sam Bailey excited ahead of Beyonce tour date | MarkMeets Music News |
But even if it’s just the one date, it is bloody Beyonce that Sam will be warming up for.

“It doesn’t feel real,” she admits, “I think when I actually see her face to face that’s when it’ll hit me and I’ll probably get sweaty palms and start to panic a bit.

“But she’s impeccable, her voice is amazing. Every song shes ever done has been a hit and I cant wait to meet her, I’m so excited!”

Sam’s expected to perform a similar set to the current X Factor tour with tracks including The Power Of Love, Clown, And I’m Telling You and her winner’s song Skyscraper.

Meanwhile, Sam revealed she hoped to return to The X Factor this year and inspire the contestants.

“In a year’s time I’d like to think I could come back to The X Factor next year and visit the other people and give them a bit of inspiration to how they can succeed, and how my story has been,” she said. “I just want to keep going and keep grounded.”

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