Pinterest surpasses 100 million users


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Pinterest reached 100 million monthly active users, the company announced in a blog post on Wednesday, a big milestone for the visual bookmarking treasure chest.

Back in March, the company was valued at $11 billion, which put it right behind Snapchat — but ahead of Dropbox and Airbnb — at the time.

Pinterest hits 100 million users

Additionally, 70% of those 100 million monthly active users aren’t just on Pinterest for the pins; they’re saving links or clicking through to learn more. The number of Pinterest searches also grown 81% in the last year, according to the company.

People are also adding 24 million fashion pins daily, according to the company.

Pinterest has become a place for users to rack up ideas on what they want to buy — or build — next, and advertisers have been helping with that. In January, the company introduced Promoted Pins to users’ home feeds. They work just like regular pins, but businesses pay for them to show up. The company also rolled out Buyable Pins in June, which let users buy products directly within the Pinterest app.

Despite Pinterest’s strong growth, it still lags behind its social networking counterparts. Its user base is one-third the size of both Instagram and Twitter, according to New York Times.

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