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In the past, most businesses were dependant on conventional advertising on billboards and through mass media to reach as many customers as possible. Today, everything is going online. The rise of the internet has changed the way marketers do their job. Nevertheless, some conventional marketing tools such as product sampling and promotional merchandise are still popular and effective in a majority of industries. Outdoor advertising is also keeping up with the changes. However, the trend is strongly going towards online marketing. To know more about how modern marketers use all modern marketing tools such as the internet, here are some tips to help you: Search Engine Marketing Almost all businesses now have their own websites. This is because every entrepreneur today wants to have an online presence to get more visitors and conversions. The competition among all businesses to rank in SERP is a strong evidence that they want to take advantage of the large volume of potential customers who have gone online. Because of this, marketers invented search engine optimization or SEO to get more visitors from search engines. Some are doing organic search engine marketing. Others resort to ‘paid SEM’.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is also a popular online marketing tool that many companies are using for several years already. The idea is to offer a commission-based scheme to online marketers to help them advertise and sell their products through the internet. The reason why many companies resorted to affiliate marketing is that they can generate sales while others advertise their products. For companies, this is a chance for them to advertise with less or no cost. For marketers, this is an opportunity for them to have a business with less or no capital.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is the first among all internet marketing strategies to be introduced. Gone are the days when mail order marketing used to be the talk of the town. Today, email marketing is done through the use of various software platforms to reach a great number of customers in an instant. This strategy is common to B2B marketing. Nonetheless, the rise of smart phones also makes it possible to use email marketing for B2C approach.

Social Media Marketing: Not only do customers go online, but they also go social. They use several popular social networking platforms today such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and more in order to connect among one another. Consequently, marketers also find it better to connect to such growing audience. As compared to search engine marketing, social media marketing offers quick results. This means marketers don’t have to wait for search engines to rank their websites and make them easily found by their target customers. Through social media marketing, marketers can instantly connect and promote their products and services to an already existing group of people connected with one another.

Online Shops: Today, you can find a lot of online shops to look for products and services. In fact, most consumers today find online shops to be their primary medium of buying something aside from the conventional market. Online shops are good alternative to market your products and services online. Conclusion Technology has made people go online. The introduction of the internet and smart phones also changed the buying behavior of consumers. With such changes and trends, marketers continue to create timely strategies that fit the modern lifestyle of many people. Online marketing is now the name of the game for many entrepreneurs.


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