Tips on Making a Business YouTube Video in Toronto


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Many small business owners fail to realize the power that a good YouTube promotional video has on the marketability of your company.

Most people think that YouTube is just for music videos or funny pets, this however is not the case.


The popularity and global reach of YouTube can be a very powerful tool in expanding and growing your business beyond your wildest dreams. Here are a few tips on how to tailor make a YouTube video to maximize the marketing affect for your business.

Short and Sweet
Most people who will be viewing your video have short attention spans and need something that is short and to the point. You can use multiple clips of your product and its uses, while using a strong narrative to drive home the point of your video. If you have to make a longer video, then be sure to break it up into to many smaller videos. This will allow you to get the potential customers interested in viewing the next installment. Be sure to use clear and vibrant images, as well as a bit of personalization and humor to convey the point of your video.

When making your video, every detail matters, so be sure to thoroughly check each component. To have maximum impact, you will need to have a video that is interesting in content and edited properly. If a prospective customer assumes that this video is anything less than top quality, they will probably move on to the next page. If you inexperienced in video editing, it is probably a good idea to hire a professional to assist you. Putting out a less than stellar video can be very damaging your businesses overall image and credibility.

Avoid Costly Mistakes
Many business owners new to the video making world will usually make a few mistakes in their first video. One of the most common mistakes is the overuse of captions and hyperlinks in the video. The hyperlink is usually used to take the viewer to a website or other material they would not normally look up themselves. While these are useful tools, overusing them can lead to a busy and jumbled design that will turn many customers off to the video. It is best to keep it simple and only use a few captions and links during the video to maximize the effect of them. By utilizing these techniques you should be able to create a successful and informative advertisement for your business.

By hiring professionals, like those at, will make this process much easier. The professionals will be able to make sure that the finished video is high-quality.

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