Tips to Avoiding Cybercrime in 2017


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The digital world has brought new and better ways to work, play and communicate. Unfortunately, it has also brought a new crime, especially in the form of identity theft. It is estimated that more than one million people per day fall victim to some form of cybercrime. As pervasive as the problem is, it is also very preventable. There are apps and services like which you can use to monitor your devices remotely from any place. They can be very useful in this regard. In this article, we will discuss ways to keep your identity and computer safe.

Locked Wi-Fi

Some people consider keeping their home Wi-Fi networks “open” a public service to those who may need an emergency internet connection. While this is a nice gesture, it is also an engraved invitation to thieves, snoopers and illegal downloaders. Protecting the home network with a password can stop all of these unwanted activities. The password should not be the default router password and it should be at least 10 characters long. The more complicated you make your password, the more difficult it will be for thieves to hack into your network. You should also utilize the highest rate of encryption available, for added safety. As a word of caution, you should never use public Wi-Fi for banking or other high-security activities unless other security measures are in place. If you need help with locking down your Wi-Fi, this article will help you.

Smart Shopping

When you are shopping online, it is important to make sure that the site you are buying from is reputable. Most reputable sites are going to do what they can to earn your business as well as keep you coming back to their site. Another tip when shopping online is to make sure that the site is legitimate. A good indicator of this is the use of “https” in the address bar. This means the site is using a secure connection, which a bogus site will more than likely not bother to do because it costs money. One more tip on keeping yourself safe while shopping online is using credit cards instead of debit cards. This provides you with better protection from liability in case of fraud. also offers some other ideas to keep you safe while shopping online.

Antivirus Software

One of the most effective ways to protect against identity theft and other cybercrime is to use antivirus software. Most of these applications will also scan for malware, viruses and will provide a personal firewall. For antivirus software to work correctly, you must keep it updated and scheduled to make regular scans of the computer’s hard drive. However, finding the right antivirus application may seem like a difficult task. Having antivirus protection is an important piece of the puzzle when keeping your computer and yourself safe online.

Keep Personal Information to a Minimum

A large mistake people make online is giving away too much personal information. Sites such Facebook are like a candy store for identity thieves. While most people cannot avoid sites such as Facebook, it is important to keep yourself safe. One of the best methods is to use an incomplete birth date. The month and day are enough for social media friends to know when to send gifts and best wishes to you for your special day. Another big help is that many banks and other websites require people to set answers to specific security questions. However you should make sure these answers are not public anywhere else, such as your computer or online.

As everyday life becomes increasingly digital, cybercrime will only continue to rise. Having the proper security measures in place, such as locked Wi-Fi and antivirus software will help you to stay safe. Other items are more of a personal level, such as choosing your shopping sites wisely and keeping your personal information to a minimum. Using a combination of all of these tips is your best bet for winning the war against cybercrime.

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