John Challis will finally return to Benidorm on Wednesday as Monty, Joyce Temple Savage’s (Sherrie Hewson) on-off lover. But as a sneak preview clip shows, it all ends in a very undignified manner. 

Things look like they might finally be getting somewhere as Joyce demands “commitment”, having made poor Monty sleep on the floor during their night together in Barcelona. It wasn’t, he complains, very good for his back.

But as the two lean in for a kiss, they are interrupted – and Joyce’s suitor goes flying. “My back! It’s gone again!” he yells. 

The penultimate episode of Benidorm’s ninth series will also bring rubbish exam results for Rob, making him question his future. There are concerns for Liam’s wellbeing and suspicions about Malcolm’s identity, while Eddie gets some bad news from home. 

Concerns for Liam’s well-being leads to confusion when it is feared he has joined a self-help group, and terrible exam results leave Rob questioning his future. Suspicion surrounds Malcolm’s identity and Kenneth is intent on an expose, while Eddie receives the news that his best friend back home has passed away, but nobody seems to be interested

Other guest stars this series have included Nigel Havers, John Challis, Jason Manford, Uri Geller, Amanda Barrie, George Shelley, Madness and Dame Joan Collins.

Benidorm airs on Wednesday 26th April at 9pm on ITV