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MarkMeets offer an innovative suite of advertising solutions, backed by industry-leading data and insights, to help you meet any marketing objective. We’ll work with you to find the right mix to drive real results.

Hundreds of thousands of readers experience the world through MarkMeets each month. With world-class editorial and some of the most popular content on the web, MarkMeets enables your brand to be immersed within the digital experiences consumers turn to most.

From news, reviews, interviews and features every day, we are one of the UK’s most respected websites in the UK and number one for red carpet news including London film premieres around the world.

We have a strong readership so put your service, product, features, ad, client, link or featired article in-front of our visitors and get your message seen!



Traffic & Audience: Generate tens of thousands of page views per day

Audience is largely based In the UK (65%) with many visitors logging on from Canada, USA, across Europe (Germany/France) and Australia +

Great ROI

Audience: 54% Male and 46% Female

Avg. pages per visit: 4+

Time on site: 6 minutes+

Are mostly aged between 18-34

Mobile users now at 56%


We have a great range of opportunities for advertisers. Checkout these options:

Most popular
Paid blogs, featured articles, profile on people, products, events and businesses .

> Sponsored Post on MarkMeets, we have are contributors on Huffington Post, Buzzfeed & a number of other sites and blogs.
> Link within an article
> Post with links
> Facebook/Twitter message
> Content with links, a video and or picture gallery
> Red Carpet coverage filmed, presented and produced by MarkMeets under your branding
> Content included in our newsletter

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