CRAIG DAVID speaks about the ‘Rise and Fall’ of his career and returning home to the UK


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Making his return to the UK music scene, Craig David spoke about being back home and his time in America. The singer who released ‘Born to Do It’ back in 2000 has sold in excess of 13m records.

Speaking about living in Miami, the 34 year-old star said: “Sometimes it takes you to go all the way to Miami to realise that actually where you really want to be is back in the UK and to be home.”


“[I had] a beautiful apartment but the thing is, even though I thought I would be complete… Sometimes in life you always think that the grass is greener on the other side… I bought myself a sports car… the first one was a ferrari the second one was a lamborghini… it got to a point where I was literally driving the lamborghini and getting in it and just thinking, where am I going? Has it come to this and I’m looking for validation, for someone to say that’s a cool car you’re in or that’s a nice home?”

He continued: “The thing is, you don’t need a lamborghini, you don’t need to move to Miami, you don’t need the place but the silver lining of the whole thing… I just realised that you don’t need to go all the way to Miami, driving these cars and thinking you’ve got this lifestyle when actually all I really loved was being in the UK, making music and just having relationships with my friends and my family and enjoying being here.”

Craig also spoke about the infamous, Bo Selecta version of himself and whether it got in the way of him being himself: “Weirdly enough I think a lot of people thought that, ‘Oh he’s gone to Miami obviously to get away from that.’ [It] actually to be honest was actually fine with me because they had Spitting Image before that and there were so many people on the show.”

Craig also opened up about his body image and weight having gone from an overweight youngster to an incredibly fit adult. When two contrasting images flashed up on the screen, Craig said: “I prefer weirdly enough looking at that picture, the overweight kid because when I look at [the other one] I was like at 4.7% body fat… When I look at that picture of me I look super gaunt, I look 40 years older, I look like ET in the basket on the way home with my finger up. I look so gaunt, I’m just like who is this guy, it proved how far I could take it to but it’s not healthy. Also I wasn’t socialising with my friends as well, that took over… Just a lot of self realisation came with that, music, Miami, what’s going on, just eat a meal bruv,” he laughed.

Craig also spoke about his relationship with social media and said he is changing the way he uses it: “Instagram is one of those places where as fun as it is, it’s not real. When someone likes your picture, it’s not validation of who you are and that’s why I was like, I need to stop this nonsense. Don’t put a selfie up of you before you go to the gym no one cares, you don’t have to show so many people what your house looks like, what your car looks like… It was going to a place where you realise that actually all you wanted to be was exactly where you were before.”


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