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MarkMeets.com is an online news website covering entertainment and media via digital, print and live event coverage. The reputable news and lifestyle website is regarded as an industry leader, and has a global audience with readers across 125 countries. With

London based news site MarkMeets has established it’s self as a leading showbiz and lifestyle websites. With fresh daily content reaching an international audience reading news, review, features, exclusive interviews and more.

MarkMeets.com only get our stories from sources we know and trust, either online or in-person. We collaborate with an extensive network of reputable sources. We work with hundreds of sources from agents, publicists, managers, venues, to pr, press teams, red carpet organizers to celebs themselves.

With such a diverse and robust array of contributors, our platform ensures that readers receive a comprehensive and well-rounded perspective on the latest news and happenings in the entertainment industry.

This site is brought to you by a dedicated team of journalists and 20+ contributors – producing informative, often fun and breaking news articles on a daily basis with no bias.

As a verified and trusted Google News Publisher: we cover categories including Beauty, Business, Education, Fashion, Finance, Gaming, Health, Legal, Motoring, Pets, Property, Social Media, Software, Sports, Technology, and more.

We investigative and thought-provoking journalism not found in the established media and are run with our readers in mind.. Hundreds of thousands of our subscribers read this newsletter every week.

We have been sourced by sites including BuzzFeed, DailyMail, MTV, Attitude Magazine, RTE, The Guardian, Stylist, Gamespot, Daily Express, FemaleFirst, DigitalSpy, OK! Mag, Irish Examiner, and others with mentions on Radio and TV networks including CNN, ITV, CH4, BBC, ITV2 and more!.

We have been sourced by major outlets such as BuzzFeed, DailyMail, MTV, Attitude Magazine, RTE, The Guardian, Stylist, Gamespot, Daily Express, FemaleFirst, DigitalSpy, OK! Mag, Irish Examiner, and others.

Our reach:

  • 1.3m+ page views per month.
  • 118k newsletter subscribers
  • 73 Domain rating from Ahrefs
  • Instagram Followers – 32,500+
  • Twitter Followers – 71,000 with 7MM monthly impressions
  • Facebook fans – 49,000+ with 3 MM monthly impressions
  • Youtube subscribers: 1700+

With so many new showbiz sites forming everyday recycling old news, here at MarkMeets we have published close to 20,000 stories over the last decade and remain at the forefront of the competition with tens of millions of page views to our name. The site has become the authoritative source for breaking news in the entertainment industry and readers check the site multiple times each day. 

Our content is regularly featured in the press across newspapers, magazines and online to millions of people. Our goal is to deliver the latest news and promote hot new music talent with a range of features since 2004.


Establish back in 2002 by our founder Mark Boardman, the original site Mark Boardman hosted on moonfruit had a DR of 82 with a strong following online and 20 freelance writers and still to this day our straight to publish news stories offer our loyal followers a unique voice from our team, covering an even bigger variety of features from music, showbiz, tv, movie and fashion news to west end reviews, film premiere coverage and celebrity interviews with a team of content makers from media contributors, writers, journalists, presenters, reporters and photographers who write, produce content and cover events for our brand.

Founded by Mark Boardman with Dan Dunn as the current editor, the multi-media entertainment group posts content across our site and social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram besides Showbiz Gossip, UK CelebEvents, UK Film Premieres & Star Artist Management.

MARKMEETS is a long-standing tabloid news site with an emphasis on entertainment from exclusive interviews to daily coverage of trending topics in music, tv, movies, celebrity and lifestyle, reaching a global audience. Best known for promoting rising music talent and all things red carpet, the site also hosts regular live broadcasts, and a variety of famous contributors.

Having earnt a good reputation for PR, good honest reliable content and a tonne of showbiz exclusives we have been invited to hundreds of exclusive press events including The Brits, The Baftas, The Big Brother House to attending many films premieres, award shows, celeb birthday parties, product launches; through to interviewing and managing events back stage at The 02 and at many other various venues across the length and breadth of the UK.

The online magazine celebrates commercial popular Music, Movies, Showbiz, TV, West End Theatre and Entertainment and is aimed at teenagers interested in showbiz and the world of media. The site has been featured in The Daily Mail and The One Show and referenced across media as a resource for showbiz news and features.

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MARKMEETS is an internationally recognised online site magazine offering a unique view on the very best news from Movies (News, Reviews, Releases, Trailers), Music (News, Gig reviews, releases and features), TV Picks, listings, reviews, phohtos, gossip, spoliers), Fashion, Showbiz, Lifestyle with celebrity interviews and a variety of quality features since 2004.

Our aim is been to inform, entertain, challenge and engage audiences of all ages and to represent the positive side of entertainment. The website has a strong social strategy that sees it visible on all major social networks/spaces as well as hosting video content in the Youtube environment.

We have set trending topics for the UK and worldwide, promoted new talent, hungout backstage at showbiz events, atteneded the Brits, walked the red carpet (and filmed in the press area). Celebrity fans include: Jessie J, Alan Carr, One Direction (Pictured below), Justin Bieber besides the media and public. @MarkMeets has over 65k followers on Twitter & 45k likes on facebook – our main focus is our site which receives millions of views with thousands of subscribers.

We cover everything from exclusive celebrity news, movie reviews, westend stars on stage, gig reviews, competitions, music features and festivals, red carpet events, fanmail addresses, TV news, through to posting the latest music videos and more including BIG NAME celebrity interviews every single day of the year.

We’re Here To Inspire And Lead The Way In Entertainment – MARKMEETS

Mark Boardman One Direction

Photo: One Direction – on the red carpet with our founder Mark Boardman

MarkMeets has been run by online editor and website developer Dan Dunn since 2013 though was an independently owned brand for a decade; it remains one of the UK’s leading independent Entertainment websites delivering the latest news and gossip from Music, Film, TV and Celebs to Red Carpet Events plus exclusive features, awesome competitions, celebrity interviews, features & live streams.

We’re the first to know about the best (and worst) in entertainment, and with our sharp insight and trusted voice, we keep you plugged into Music, Movie, TV, Fashion, Red Carpet, Theatre, Celebrity and Showbiz News 24/7.

We’re huge music fans of Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa, Madonna, Olly Murs, Lady Gaga,  and have been there since the beginning for many of these artists. Having attened and reviewed hundreds of gigs, showcases and industry album listen parties..we’re proud to have supported alot of new talent from their beginnings…these include acts from Concept, Tich, Luminites, Tom Mann, District 3, Jessie J, Little Nikki, The Vamps, Rewind, Overload, Kingsland and many more! We don’t follow the trends, we make them!

So If you’ve just heard of a new act in the charts then there is no doubt that the likihood is that they have been gigging and trying to make it big for years and alot of people including us have been working hard to make it happen!

Featured Artist feature info – Each month we celebrate an artist who we feel deserves some recognition, whether they are an undiscovered talent trying to make it into the music business, or an existing star who has not reached the level we feel they deserve to be at!!

In 2012, MarkMeets syndicated many exclusive stories including one on Cheryl Cole which was run by over 2000 websites globally.

MarkMeets.com is a trusted media brand that now has over a dozen writers, reporters, celeb bloggers and a network of media outlets, partners and associated from photographers, PR companies and brands proudly affiliated with the site.

Site Contributors  
LIz Rodriguez, Mo Mohammad, Shaz Salimian, Brian James Ferdinando, Freddie Scott, Charley Jean, Cliff Morton, Renee Bourke, Hannah Fuller, Ali Armian, Hollie Jervais, Rebecca Done/Paris, Adam Oakley, Denise Maxwell, Sola James, Jabeen Waheed, Sophie Prescott, Bizu Yaregal, Bhavna Tank, Georgia neal, Andy Shepherd, Lisa Dunn, Ian Roe, Charlie Hedges, Christian Howes, Sian Welby, Peter Dickson, Brenda Edwards, Jay Camilleri, Luke Franks, Lizzie Cundy, James Edgington, Craig Stevens, Jon Hornbuckle, MIG Management: Spellbound, Tony Cowell, Stuart Appleby, Susanna Jane, Susanna Hodder, Lindsay Burgess, Rebecca Paris, Jaynus Patrick plus various named writers from professional writers/journalists, film fans to celebs and TV critics. See Writers page for more info.

The popular site which now receives millions of visitors each year was founded by Mark Boardman making MarkMeets one of the first sites to give the public celebrity fanmail addresses, signings and details of film premiere dates all in one place free of charge. Alot has changed since then as our brand has exploded into every sector within the entertainment industry.

Our love and success of promoting music artists, engaging with our audience via social networks, exclusive celebrity photos and interviews has helped us build a huge audience. The entertainment industry regularly invite us to VIP showbiz launches, secret album playbacks, movie screenings, red carpet events and ask us to interview their artists beside accessing our feature writing, PR, SEO, copywriting, transcription and editorial services .

Our editor who has worked in the media since the 90’s  has done everything from  interviewing and photographing celebrities, promoting artists and events to writing showbiz articles and features for newspapers, magazines besides talking entertainment, autographs on the radio (Absolute, Five Live) and TV shows including (This Morning, One Show, T4).

Mark Boardman has interviewed / met stars including:

– Lady Gaga, Cheryl Cole, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Bieber, Kate Winslet.

– One Direction, Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz, Britney Spears, Jude Law and many more!

Besides supplying showbiz stories for national papers and delivering showbiz content to websites throughout the UK, Mark has also walked the red carpet many times at various London Film Premieres, appeared on SKY news talking showbiz, interviewed hundreds of stars, been backstage at many music festivals, to being asked to judge at the final of the UK’s largest talent search ‘Live And Unsigned’ for Pop Revue.

Mark Boardman showbiz feature on SKY NEWS
Mark Boardman showbiz feature on SKY NEWS

MarkMeets is always evolving and is a UK leader dedicate  to exceeding our audience needs. Our team are passionate about music, movies, TV, Celebs, entertainment, fashion, events, theatre and Radio.

MarkMeets.com is updated everyday of the year and remain a strong source in both the youth and older teens market with our on-going commitment to active contribute and engage with our vast audience across all digital platforms.

B2B services

PR Services, Copywriting, Transcribing, Writing Entertainment Features, Reviewing Gigs And Events

Social Media Services, Writing Press Releases,

Photoshoots + Photo Editing Services, Access to Celebrity Contact Details, Celeb Bookings, VIP Tickets, Sponsererd Post/feature

Webdesign, Logo design, SEO Support.

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Main contact email: Email Info@MarkMeets.com

Dan Dunn, Editor

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Address: 86-90, Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE

MarkMeets.com is updated everyday of the year and remain a strong source in both the youth and older teens market with our on-going commitment to active contribute and engage with our vast audience across all digital platforms.

MARKMEETS has all the latest Entertainment news from celebrities, movies to spoilers on the biggest TV shows. MarkMeets.com is the leading global provider of showbiz news and online news source; and is one of the best independant entertainment sites in the UK.

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