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Thank you for showing interest in writing a guest post for MarkMeets Media.

At MarkMeets.com, we take pride in being a leading platform for writers passionate about technology, business, and beyond. Collaborating with some of the most esteemed online brands, we uphold a commitment to publishing top-notch content that resonates with our diverse audience. We publish a rich mix of the latest news, insightful reviews, exclusive interviews, compelling features, and diverse opinion pieces, catering to a variety of interests.

Contribute an article to our website at MarkMeets then read on whether you are a content creator or influencer, media graduate or wannabe roving report with access to celebs or simply an expert on a particular subject…we’re always interested to hear pitches from our readers

Write for us

As a globally recognized premium news and lifestyle platform MarkMeets.com is ranked among the top 30 entertainment websites worldwide and specializes in news stories and articles, across entertainment, fashion, technology and business, and work with some of the most renowned online brands publishing high-quality content in its domain.

We publish a rich mix of the latest news, insightful reviews, exclusive interviews, compelling features, and diverse opinion pieces, catering to a variety of interests, and over 121,000 subscribers actively seek our unique perspective, demonstrating the loyalty and engagement our content inspires.

Partnering with MarkMeets.com offers writers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their expertise, reach a global audience, and contribute to a platform trusted for its reliability and relevance. Join us in shaping the conversation and making a meaningful impact in the digital landscape.

Info and stats for MarkMeets.com

  • Domain Rating: 73
  • Domain Authority: 68
  • Monthly Page Views: 1.3 million (in the past 28 days, verified by Google Analytics)
  • Global Reach: Visitors from 125 countries
  • Ahrefs Rank: 61,453
  • Domain Age: 20 years
  • Content Frequency: Daily
  • Contributors: Writers from reputable publications such as HuffPost, Rolling Stone Magazine, Forbes, TechCrunch, Daily Star, among others.

MarkMeets.com is a well-established domain with a strong online presence and credibility. With a high domain rating and authority, it attracts a significant amount of traffic, averaging 1.3 million page views per month from a diverse audience spanning 125 countries. These metrics are crucial indicators of a website’s reputation and influence in the digital sphere.

Having been in operation for over two decades, MarkMeets.com has earned the trust of its audience as a reliable source of daily content. Its team of writers includes contributors from prestigious publications, ensuring the delivery of quality and engaging articles across various topics.

Niche: News and lifestyle.

Social Media Presence

With verified profiles on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, we engage with audiences on their preferred platforms, fostering meaningful connections and amplifying the reach of our content. Our Google News Publisher status further ensures that your work receives maximum exposure to a wider audience.

Our Reach and Recognition

The site has been featured in renowned publications such as Newsweek, Hindustan Times, Marie Claire, Daily Express, Gala, Sky News, Daily Star, Ok Magazine, Daily Record, The List, Elle, and Daily Mirror.

We accept contents related to below mentioned categories.

Guest Post

This will give you the opportunity to build your portfolio and become an authoritative voice in the industry.

Before you write for a guest post for our platform, please look at several of our published articles for an insight into style, structure, quality and format of our posts.

Your article submission should:

  • Posts must be 500 words or more in length and of high quality.
  • Be newsworthy, bold, interesting, and human
  • Content that add more value for our audience.
  • Good grammer and in English only
  • All submitted content must belong to you, be original, and not be published elsewhere in any form. We will not republish anything that’s been published elsewhere.
  • Your post should contain an interesting or catchy title and be SEO-friendly.
  • The content must be relevant to the subject matter of our site.
  • The content may be based on research, facts, or experience.
  • The content must cover the topic in detail, as we do not accept incomplete content.
  • We reserve the right to edit, modify, reject sections of the article if it is not on par with our quality at our own discretion.
  • The post must be non-promotional. Avoid citing our competitors, and using any irrelevant promotional links to websites.
  • Use xamples and relevant images to illustrate your point. Avoid using stock photos that don’t add any value to the copy

It is suggested to include high quality Images / Videos. It’s mandatory to have an article and it should be unique and should not be published somewhere else or it should be under creative common license and also provide image (Source where necessary).

Please include subheadings, bullet points, and shorter paragraphs which make the article more readable. We can format H2 / H3 etc for you if not provided.

If you’re successful, we’ll be in touch to provide you with more information about how you can get started.

Sponsored Post

For our guest post services, we don’t accet posts that are promotional / designed to promote a brand, product or site etc as this would fall into the sponsored post category and therefore be chargable. A name credit only is available (No author bio or link) is included for guests posts.

For sponsored posts, we do not accept posts that include links to low-value websites or blogs. We do not accept posts containing affiliate links.

Allowed links are from 1. Authority sites and 2. internal links to MarkMeets.com

Drop us an email below if you would like to contribute a feature to the site; let us know about your experience and what you have to offer.

    Or E-mail: Info [at] MarkMeets.com

    Meet the Team

    We have contributors from London, Birmingham, Manchester and all over the UK to Dhakar, Los Angeles and Sydney…so truly international! Join 20+ writers to get your work seen.

    Site Contributors  
    Liz Rodriguez, Rebecca Done/Paris, Eve Jasmine, Sophie Prescott, Georgia Neal, Andy Shepherd, Lisa Dunn, Ian Roe, Charlie Hedges, Christian Howes, Sian Welby, Peter Dickson, Brenda Edwards, Jay Camilleri, Luke Franks, Lizzie Cundy, James Edgington, Craig Stevens, Jon Hornbuckle, MIG Management: Spellbound, Tony Cowell, Stuart Appleby, Susanna Jane, Susanna Hodder, Lindsay Burgess, Jaynus Patrick, Josh Francis, Craig Morrision plus various named writers from professional writers/journalists, film fans to celebs and TV critics.

    MARKMEETS have been online since 2004, and provide the latest UK Entertainment News, celeb interviews, info on film premieres, competitions, movie news, celeb photos, music videos and all things celebrity.

    “Leading The Way In Entertainment”. – MarkMeets

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