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MarkMeets Featured Music Artist Explained: Our Music loving team promote a new artist for month across our network to raise their profile and promote their music to the masses.

Previous MarkMeets Music Artists have include: Conrad Sewell, Robyn Regan, Franklin Lake, Sharlette, Harry Pane, Scarlet Baxter, Sophie And The Bom Bom’s, James King, Rae Morris, Riva, Kit Rice, Paige Ashley, Young Derek Ryan, Harvey, James Eldridge, Laura Steel, Tom Andrews, Tom Mann, Overload, Beth Sherburn, Blaise, Jukeboxx, Carly Rae Jespen, Aiden Grimshaw, District 3, Adam Lambert and The Dolly Rockers. Read on to see more about the work we do each month!


All you need to know about MarkMeets: Featured Music Artist Section
Each month we celebrate an artist who we feel deserves some decent promotion in front of the right audiences to take their career to the next level! whether they are an undiscovered talent trying to make it into the music business, or singer / band who we feel they deserve to better known! We will put out a big profile on them with some exclusive content and make sure it’s seen by the media and public.



Working in the media, we get invited to a lot of events with well known and upcoming artists and using our large online presence one of our goals is to give fans some insider knowledge on rising talent. Our feature often includes: never seen before pics, an exclusive interview and a music video cover for us besides all our goss on them!! Each month we will also let you know where you can find and or buy their music alongside posting news of where you can see them live on our events section.

We have worked and chatted with many artists from the likes of Kingsland Road, Jessie J, District 3, Concept, Tich, Justin Bieber, McFly and many more stars, BEFORE they were famous.

To make it is the business you not only need to work hard, you will need huge determination, talent, promotion, a good team behind you and a fan base to support you. We’ve seen how it can take years of graft to get noticed.

Here at MarkMeets, we feel that there is so much undiscovered talent around the UK, besides the acts who are already well known who need to reach a larger audience to be discovered. We like to promote young and yet un-seen/ un-signed and raw talent to the masses and have done so for more than a decade.

Background MarkMeets

Having attended thousands of music showcases, gigs, red carpet events and showbiz parties and written a huge amount of album reviews and features on celebs, film, music and TV over the years for the press; Site editor Dan and everyone who contributes to MarkMeets including celebs, designers, writers, journalists and freelance photographers all have one things in common…

The Passion for Music and Film. MarkMeets – Promoting new talent.

There is nothing better than having nurtured, supported, backed, booked or been involved in promoting talent/artists from when they first start out –  to seeing them finally make it with fans screaming their name, buying their music and supporting their work which otherwise may have gone un-seen!

Whether it’s attending music showcases, photographing an act, inviting them to events and premieres to introduce them to our contacts, tweeting/blogging or writing articles about them, reviewing their new single/album or gig, promoting their live gigs or music online to our site viewers, or be it giving away signed photos. We have been at their side every step of the way to give them advise on taking the next step forward.

MarkMeets does alot of PR for free to support new talent from presenters to budding musicans to TV and radio stars. Offcourse we have to believe in the talent first. When we first saw B*Wiched, Justin Bieber, One Direction in person…we knew they had star quality!!

Our Strong Network

MarkMeets.com is the Number 1 source for news on upcoming London film premieres, gigs reviews, movie trailers, signings,

We have topped 10m page views, thousands of mentionson Google, over 87000 subscribers to our monthly mailer, 90,000 Twitter followers (Started Many Trending Topics) besides having an amazing contact list of celebs, agencies and press who whom we have a great relationships with.

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MarkMeets has landed talent with dozens of slots across TV, radio and in the press.

Our growing team take on new projects all the time and have a vast experience in many area, making us one of the most skilled and respects companies in the showbiz sector.

Updated many times a day, MarkMeets is where entertainment industry insiders go to get the good stuff.