Rivita exclusive interview – the rising star discusses her new single “Speed Limit”

Hailing from India Rivita is a singer-songwriter-producer known for her “Do-it-yourself” approach, writes, produces and engineers her music and holds three degrees in the field of music and audio. She travels around the world and writes songs about the people she has met along the way

Speed Limit captures the emotion of relinquishing the race that life becomes sometimes and moving towards the positive and more relaxed state of being. 

After the release of her single “Lonely With Someone” Rivita released her brand new song, Speed Limit on June 15. She said of the song “One day while walking I saw this beautiful tree with the sign “SPEED LIMIT” blaring at me, I couldn’t help but take a photo of it. A few moments later I found myself humming the Chorus of “Speed Limit”. I really thought about this song as a message to myself to slow down, take it easy and enjoy the beauty that the world has to offer.” 

MarkMeets featured artist Rivita’s new song features bass by Paul Tornbohm from the UK who Rivita met while studying a Master’s degree in Composition at Kingston University, drums by Tomás Shannon who is an Argentinian session drummer making big waves in the world of pop music, the production and mixing was done by Rivita.


How are you finding the response to the track so far?
– Good! I’m receiving a lot of positive messages about the track, it’s been playlisted quite a lot. I’m really glad!

Are you working on an album at the moment? 
– Yes, it’s been a slow and steady process and there is still a lot of work to be done. I am also hosting an Indie GoGo Campaign to raise funds for the production and promotion of this project. 

What have you missed about gigging / performing?
– I do miss being on stage, it’s a great way to strengthen relationships with the audience and learn more about yourself as an artist but I think, I did need a break from playing shows and I do appreciate the time I got to focus on production more. I played some live shows virtually which were a lot of fun, and I definitely want to do shows both in person and virtually in the future but I am definitely going to be more picky about the in-person shows that I will do now. 

What are your thoughts on singer / songwriters not owning rights to their own recordings. 
This is a tricky question, I think it depends on whether they wrote the songs themselves and how content they were signing a contract or signing their rights away and what they are getting in return – paying for a producer, mixing engineer, mastering and promotion is costly and if a record label is doing that for them in return for the rights to their recordings, then they have to make that decision wisely and think it through if that is something they really want to pursue. After Tylor Swift’s very public battle over this issue, I think we are all very sensitive to music rights now more than ever and I believe consulting a music lawyer and getting legal advice before signing a contract is a good way to go.

Who is your weird celeb crush?
– Erm, no one really, I’ll have to think about this one more

What can we expect from you this year?
– More music! 🙂

Listen to Speed Limit here

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