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Industry insiders say that is the most up-to-date and accurate website for info on London film premieres in the UK. We’ve been organising events and at the heart of all things red carpet and gaining access to events for more than 20 years and are still the longest and most trusted brand for London film premieres.

We work closely with film distributors, TV crews, press and promotion teams direct to bring you the latest news including guestlists on the red carpet for Free to get you close to the stars!.

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As referenced and endorsed by hundreds of websites and the press / media for the best updates on UK movie premiere information. There’s lots more film premieres and screenings listed for  2018 with further upcoming premieres confirmed/in discussion/at the planning stages for the beginning of 2019.



For most premieres, you can turn up and watch all the action from behind the barriers for free in the heart of Leicester Square London (to see the stars on the red carpet).

There are four mains cinemas (Odeon, Odeon west end, Vue and Empire) which host the red carpet premieres..usually just one cinema is used though for bigger events, 3 or 4 can be used.

Most premieres do NOT require wristbands to view the stars from behind the barriers (near to all the red carpet action), though Tickets are required to walk the red carpet; these are generally only for cast, celebs, promoters, movie insiders and competition winners.

Fans are able to purchase tickets for charity premieres (sign up to the mailing lists of the relevant charity to be notified of these).

TIMINGS – These are typical for London Film Premieres taking place Monday-Friday:

4.45pm Press pens open
5.30pm Press pens close
5.45pm Photographers draw
6.30pm Talent arrivals
7.00pm Doors open
7.30pm Film on screen

Please note typical weekend premieres can start at 10am though not many of the cast usually attend.

MarkMeets have been the UK leading supplier of tickets to London Film Premieres and Film Premiere after parties in Leicester Square dating back to 2002.

For these showbiz events, many of the cast and various celebs who attend will meet fans for a chat, photo or autograph before they head off to the press area for official pictures and media interviews. Many celebrity fans attending these events during the week are regulars and often the public will arrive anytime between 11am and 3pm for a 5pm start.

It has been known for fans to camp over-night to secure a good position though we do not recommend this Some premieres do require wristbands, details of this will usually be on our Facebook and Twitter page. besides being listed on the left with the premiere info. Not all films get a premiere.

Many more red carpet events that are in planning are listed HERE. Only premieres marked ‘Confirmed’ are certain to go ahead (Dependant on star availability/weather/venue and or date change).

Most London film premieres take place in Leicester square London though some do occasionally take place in other cities across the UK or at other venues in the capital.


  • Don’t push to get to the front/or lean over as you could spoil someone elses picture
  • Often you can get to meet the actors and actresses in the film besides invited celebrities as they come out, so don’t panic if you miss them as they go in.
  • Be near the cinema entrance as this if often where all stars stop to meet their fans.
  • Do take a umbrella/hat as the odds are that it could rain
  • Take something to eat and a drink with you
  • Keep an eye out for everyone walking on the red carpet as you may spot someone famous
  • Going with a friend can help you to secure a spot if you need to pop to the toilet

Quick FAQ: Venues, timings and stars attending red carpet often can change so check back for updates. Most premieres do NOT require wristbands to view the stars from behind the barriers near the red carpet, though Tickets are needed to walk the red carpet, these are generally only for cast, celebs, promoters,

Our team of media professionals at MarkMeets are here to help promote events and for you to try to meet the celebs and for your enjoyment, so have a good time! Attending a red carpet event is a fantastic experience and for anyone to see or meet a celebrity, take a photo or grab an autograph; or if you are lucky ask the cast member a question!

While we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy or reliability of the information. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. Information is added as and when it is received from a variety of contacts, agents and verified sources including film companies and press releases.

We take no responsibility for event cancellation, stars not turning up (stars mentioned are usually the stars of the film and or on the released guest list), ommisions, loss of earnings, travel expenses or costs incured as a result of a cancellation or error on on this site. The listed Film Premieres are subject to change of date, cancellation, venue due to the whimsical nature of the entertainment industry.

So ALWAYS check before you attend a premiere and our Twitter page @ukfilmpremieres

These London Film premiere Red Carpet Tips are great for Film Fans, Autograph Collectors, photographers & Anyone Attending.

If you have any questions email or tweet @MarkMeets on Twitter. You can also find us on

We do try to respond to all queries & though we can’t reply quickly to every email/message we receive, but everything is read and digested. A majority of the London Film Premieres take place in leicester sq, London. Many more red carpet movie premieres also take place in Westfield, at the BFI Imax and various other venues. See our Cinema page for details here.

Please Note: Most Premieres are not confirmed until the several days to a week before the event.

On some occasions fans are given more notice. Only film premieres marked CONFIRMED are definitely going ahead (The rest are either in planning or have a date allocated – though they do change). Keep looking for updates as we do updates this page daily with whatever news there is. Premieres are listed through to 2018 with many london film screenings and previews plus UK movie premieres in London listed, both (Planned and confirmed).

The above information is for general information purposes only though we are known to be the best source for this info. We are the longest running and most trusted website for film premiere info in the UK (since 2004) and do not sell film premiere tickets to the public. SEE PAST FILM PREMIERES

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