MarkMeets has been delivering new content on a daily basis since 2004 and with over 20 staff from writers, reporters, reviewers, photographers, videographers, presenters besides office personnel including media pr, web developers and researchers, our work has been seen across the world and published on MTV, Yahoo, Daily Mail, ITV, BBC and in hundreds more publications from newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and online!

Author Posts:

Dan D

Dan D
Editor and website developer

0871 218 2078

Chief Editor & Webmaster / digital developer at MarkMeets since Nov 2012. Manages site + Posts features. Ex Deadline.

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Scott Travis
Deputy Editor

0871 218 1514

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Uni grad and newly appointed deputy editor, based in London.



Adam E

Features editor

Former media intern now looking after features for the site.

3 years media experience.

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Liam (Lee) McDonald

Liam McDonald

Head of social media/A&R for new artists for MarkMeets.

Liam has been with us since the early days and works on improving engagement working with other key brands.

Manages the Press Releases, Content Output and brand at UK entertainment site.

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Sarah Merre

Sarah Merre
Online PR and press officer.

Sarah looks after UKFilmPremieres, CelebEvents, ShowbizGossip, Celeb Management brands for the MarkMeets Group.

Sarah works for numerous media brands across the UK.

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Brian Ferdinando (Chuckie)


Chuckie joined us and has delivered outstanding work.

The Gaming Vlogger is a sharp hand with a camera (In front and behind it) with slick editing skills too.

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Mo Mo

mo mo
Live Event Presenter (Film Premieres)

The former Big Brother contestant has been working with MarkMeets for 5+ years.

Often spotted on the red carpet interviewing for MarkMeetsTV.

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Renée Bourke

Celebrity interviewer

Renée has carried out many celebrity interviews for us from boybands to hanging backstage at showbiz parties.

The Aussie stars acting creditds include Home and Away + Across The Pond.

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Showbiz reporter

Freelance Journalist and broadcaster Kirsty cut her teeth in the tabloid press and has a decade of Fleet Street experience.

Credits include BBC.

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(Interviewer and Photographer)

Charley is known for finding and nurturing new talent and that is why she is a perfect for for our team.

Credited in Daily Mail and The Mirror.

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Adam Oakley

Adam Oakley
Events Reporter

Adam has covered the likes of Sundown Music Festival for us on 3 occassions.

He has also started acting.

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Ali Armian

Video Producer

Ali has interviewed many stars on the red carpet and does alot of video production too for all the big media brands.

Output also includes MarkMeets on Youtube.

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Joanna Fletcher
Live Events Reviewer

Hollie Jervais
Celebrity Interviewer

Sola J
Feature Writer & Interviewer

Cliff Morton

Hannah F

Freddie Scott
Movie writer

TV critic and interviewer

Features writer

Entertainment professional – Helps run the site.

Bizu Yaregal

Jabeen Waheed
(Writer and Reviewer)

Bhavna Tank
Freelance showbiz writer

Paul Holton
(Photographer and manager)

Shaz Salimian
(Freelance Videographer)

Denise Maxwell
(Events Photographer)

Lee Blanchflower

Lai Mal

Other people past and present who have contributed to make the site : Eve Jasmine, Josh Francis, Andy Shepherd, Lisa Dunn, Ian Roe, Charlie Hedges, Christian Howes, Sian Welby, Peter Dickson, Brenda Edwards, Jay Camilleri, Luke Franks, Craig Morrison, Lizzie Cundy, James Edgington, Craig Stevens, Jon Hornbuckle, MIG Management, Tony Cowell, Susanna Jane, Susanna Hodder, Lindsay Burgess, Rebecca Paris/Done, Scott Partidge, Jaynus Patrick and many more.

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