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Leicester Square is right in the heart of The West End with Piccadilly Circus to the west, Trafalgar Square to the south, China Town to the north and finally Covent Garden to the east.

It has been the film premiere home British cinema for decades with many major UK, European, World and Royal premieres taking place there weekly.

Leicester Square

Leicester Square at night

Hundreds if not thousands of fans attend every single red carpet event and over the years, the square has been full up for the like of ‘Sex in the City’, Twilight, Harry Potter and for the 1D premiere.

Besides Leicester Square, Trafalagar Square, The 02 have also attracted A-list stars to this big events.

Fans often spend hours awaiting the arrival of the stars outside one of the cinemas where tickets often go for hundreds of pounds for each premiere…if you know where you get one that is!! For some premieres, tickets have changed hands for many thousands of pounds and for that you get to dress up, walk the red carpet, see the film and attend the aftershow party. Very often there is a chance to chat with the cast and celebs too.

Gone are the days where tickets were £50, now PR agencies snap them up for their D-List clients to get papped on the red carpet. Demand is huge now and prices are usually at least £300 to £4500 for huge events.

There is alot of glamour associated with Leicester Square and alot of work goes into planning each one. We do alot of the online promo for these events and have been involved in premieres since the 1990’s.

Celebs from Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Radcliffe through to Jennifer Aniston, Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise and Britney Spears are just a small number of the A-listers who have walked the red carpet in the Leicester square cinemas (Odeon, Empire, Vue).

Right in the middle of the square is a small garden area with plenty of benches, often this is closed off when the film premieres takes place.

There are usually several entrances to the premiere, so if you have a ticket try and find out where they are before you turn up.

Very often now there will be someone like Craig Stevens, Alex Zane, Jenni Falcolner hosting the premiere event and chatting with the cast and director on a small stage.

If you wanna meet the stars then pick the spot near the entrance to the cinema where all stars stop and meet fans before posing for pics and chatting to the press.

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