Why Has Britain’s Got Talent Had Such a Lasting Impact On Television?

It has been nearly fifteen years since Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) first broadcast in the United Kingdom, and performers like then six-year-old Connie Talbot brought international attention to the show with her soothing rendition of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” In over a decade, the show has maintained its success, despite participating in a competitive industry. The lasting impact of BGT comes down to not just the talent but also the show’s understanding of marketing. Such an understanding has led to its continued success and even the show being merchandised.

The Lasting Impact Of Britain’s Got Talent

The lasting impact of BGT comes from its understanding of marketing and its use of a mass audience. The show understands that not everyone will be a fan of boy bands, like Collabro, the winners of the 2014 season, or a tenor singer like Paul Potts. So, the show welcomes all types of acts, including soccer freestylers like Jeremy Lynch, who made the semi-finals of the second season. These acts have even been merchandised in games like Britain’s Got Talent Superstar slot game, which is offered in addition to online bingo at Paddy Power. The game features symbols themed on the on-stage action from the show, including the freestyle, juggling soccer player. 

By Britain’s Got Talent appealing to a mass audience, social groups have continued to watch the show because of its variety. No matter their preferred musical genre, they know they are bound to find at least one act that they like. This rings true in business: companies need to look at multiple avenues for targeting sectors if they want to broaden their reach. As the show has several strands of appeal, BGT has reigned for nearly two decades, even seeing eight million viewers tune into its 2019 final. In contrast, music competitions like CMT’s Next Superstar, which specialized in country music, aired in 2011 but only lasted one season.

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Britain’s Got Talent also understands two other aspects of marketing: branded merchandising and keeping the conversation going. As such, BGT has opened a talent shop where fans can buy personalized mugs and t-shirts. Games have also been released.

In addition to the BGT slot game, there is a board game based on the show, which includes a kazoo, balls for juggling, and a microphone. When the show is off-air, the BGT Twitter and Youtube channel are very active, knowing that the more ongoing dialogue around a service there is, the more excitement there will be for the next season or instalment. 

The long-lasting impact of Britain’s Got Talent can teach many about marketing and running a successful business. The show understands the importance of appealing to a mass audience and keeping the conversation going. By doing these things, you can attract the attention of other platforms. BGT has as a result become a merchandisable brand, with other platforms, including online casinos, creating their own media based on the show.

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