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Mark is a popular British-based platform was founded in 2002 presently covers a variety of showbiz, music, television and movies news amongst other topics and is rated in the top 30 entertainment websites in the world.

The reputable news and lifestyle website is regarded as an industry leader, and has a global audience with readers across 125 countries. Our experienced writers publish fresh content from the latest news, reviews and opinion articles daily besides exclusive content, spoilers, and celebrity interviews.

MarkMeets have been sourced by major international press including BuzzFeed, Guardian, Attitude Magazine, BBC, Daily Express, Hindustan Times, Gamespost, Billboard, Daily Mail, MTV, RTE, and Newsweek amongst other trusted outlets receiving frequent mentions online.


*Traffic 1.3m a month. 121k active newsletter subscribers receive each post which is distributed to Google News.

DA 69. DR 73. UR 81. Alexa ranking 194,557.

Over 20000 articles published over 20 years. Largest audience is US and UK.

Who We MarkMeets Media – A British-based entertainment and lifestyle website a with an emphasis on showbiz, business, culture and fashion.


Our prices are more than reasonable and, for this reason, we do not negotiate. What is listed is the price. All prices are in USD. Contact us directly

  • GUEST ARTICLE PUBLICATION – You provide the article which must be 100% unique (plagiarism free i.e. not spun) and not published anywhere else offering useful information / advice to our readers) in keeping with above topics. We recommend 450+words with high quality english grammar (Ideally 1000 words is optimal for high google page rank of article). Can only contain 1 do-follow link per post (No author bio). We have the right to add nofollow authority link(s) related to the content of your post (Never of a competitor site) besides an internal link to our site to make the post look more organic. Anchor link* only per article and not on keywords. Contain one image (preferably exclusive) that are either yours or failing that are royalty free from Unsplash/Pexels or similar. Please include the link to the source of the image so we can credit it accordingly and record the information regarding the license that the image has been provided and used. We can alternatively source one suitably image related to the content of your post at no cost to you. Prices range from $110-$350.
  • DOFOLLOW LINK* IN A PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ARTICLE – your do-follow link placed in a previously published post of your choice which is permanent. Our form of continuous advertising that keeps on giving.
  • FOOTER TEXT AD PLACEMENT – per month, Your text advertisement in the footer section of our website per month
  • LEADERBOARD BANNER AD PLACEMENT – per month. Appears on every post on our website for this fee per month. Minimum 6 month term (Paif quartley in advance). We have over 4000 posts your banner ad will appear on.
  • PRODUCT REVIEWS – Due to time constraints we are only accepting paid product reviews at this time. Our review will include a feature post about your product and include photographs of the product in use. We give our honest opinions (good or bad) on what we think. Please allow 2 weeks from receipt of the product for the review to be published.

Anchor – all types accepted.

Terms are subject to change without notice and editor decision is final.

*Ahrefs only show calculated traffic based on the keywords a website ranks for in Google Organic search results using info on monthly search volume and positions only. They do not report on actual visits and don’t use info from Google Analytics when calculating traffic. They do however have access to our live data and if you would live to verify, do email them

What Content We Accept – We accept articles, link placements, and advertisements for the following:


If there is a category that you cover than you feel we should add then contact us.


We do not receive a paycheck each week as many of you do. We work freelance and therefore, we expect payment as soon as our invoices are sent. When our invoices are sent – your article/link placement is usually already prepared and ready for publication the second your payment is received.

    • Invoices not paid by the 4th date will be charged a $40 late fee
  • If your invoice still remains unpaid after 7 days, you will be added to our blacklist and your contact information shared with over 3k bloggers around the world as an individual/company that does not honor their word and will not honor a written contract.

Once your order and payment have been received, your purchase will be completed usually sameday unless we are out of the office, but always within 48 hours of receipt at the very most.

If you require publication before payment, you have 24 hours to remit payment once the post/link is live on our website. If it is not paid within that time frame, it is reverted to draft status. If it is not paid within 48 hours, there is a $40 late fee added to the invoice as part of the agreement.

Where we work with other content providers / media partner sites. Articles may be rejected and refunded if they do not follow our sponspored post agreement or editorial guidelines.

No refunds are issued once your service is published. Changes are also chargable and subject to final editor approval.

See Why You Should Work with MarkMeets Read more about us or look at our media kit.


Our current reseller rates are as follows: guest posts and do-follow link placement and are 50% off our current regular rates listed above not premium. If you wish to take advantage of the reseller rates, you need to provide at minimum 3 articles per month for publication OR 3 link placements per month for publication.

If you agree to these terms and then DO NOT HONOR YOUR WORD, we will NOT publish for you again and you will be put on our banned list.

I am transparent and can be contacted via the messaging service Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or via email at any time should you have questions.

Again, we will not negotiate these prices. They are more than reasonable. Our payment policy listed above applies to reseller rate invoices as well.

Thanks for your time! If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email or use the form below and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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