Guest / Sponsored / Contributor guidelines

Guest Post and Contributed Editorial Guidelines

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  • All editorial submissions from new contributors need to be approved in advance by our Editorial Team. Please send your proposed article pitches to us via
  • Submit your editorial content in a Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Google Docs format.
  • Word count should generally be in the range of 600 to 1,000 words. If proper treatment of your topic warrants a longer format, please check with us to get approval before writing.
  • Please use primarily active voice constructions in your content for a more conversational tone, and limit the use of passive voice segments.
  • Break up your content with meaningful headings and subheadings for easy scanning by the reader.
  • Keep the majority of sentences under 20 words for optimum readability, though some longer sentences are acceptable.
  • Strive to keep paragraphs under 100 words, and each paragraph should be a thematic unit—ideally written such that the reader can grasp its meaning by looking at the first sentence.
  • When using common acronyms, such as LED or Wi-Fi, there is no need to spell them out. But when using more obscure acronyms, it’s always best to spell out the first occurrence and use the acronym in further references.
  • We are more inclined to publish your content if you provide us with one or more recommended images from Creative Commons, Unsplash, Pexels, or other public domain image sources. Please provide direct links to the full-size actual images, rather than pasting them into your content. Our platform is Retina-compliant, so requires images at least 600px wide for optimum image quality on the latest high-resolution devices.

Backlinks and Research Links

  • In cases where you are inserting backlinks on behalf of a sponsor or client, you must disclose the identify of the sponsor or client to us in advance of submitting the content. The backlinks must be inserted in proper editorial context and be relevant to the subject matter. Inappropriate use of backlinks will result in rejection of the content.
  • We encourage you to insert meaningful inline research links to substantiate claims and statements made in the content, and to add credibility to your writing.

Content Shelf Life

  • Generally, your content will remain active on our publishing platforms for a minimum of 12 months. Due to the volume of content we publish, your content may be be located “below the fold” within a few weeks, but will remain accessible through scrolling, the main menu system, category tags, various user-accessible content filters, and site search.

Promotion of Your Content and Personal Brand

  • Your content will also be promoted by web browser push notifications through our various partner platforms, and through email marketing via our MailChimp platform.
  • We encourage you to re-tweet or re-post the social content to your own handles, as well as to post native social around the content. And of course, we would love to see you link the content to your own blogs or websites, and add it to portfolios on contently, LinkedIn, and elsewhere.

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Request more detailed guidelines for sponsored post opportunities when you call our team to further discucss your requirements.

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