Jake Bugg talks about his upcoming LP ‘On My One’


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Jake Bugg has opened up about the ”lonely” recording process for his third studio LP ‘On My One’.

21-year-old singer unveiled a music video for the record’s lead single, ‘Gimme The Love’, and opened up about the entire recording process, which he said he needed to go through all by himself to grow as a songwriter.

Jake Bugg

The ‘Lightning Bolt’ hitmaker said: ”It’s been quite lonely making this record by myself. But I saw it as something I needed to do to develop as a songwriter.”

He revealed the track ‘Gimme The Love’ neatly sums up the entire record.

He added: ”In a lot of ways it sums up this record because it mainly has been on my own.”

Jake – whose last effort was 2013’s ‘Shangri La’ – previously hinted that he’d done the record without a producer because his label preferred his self-produced stuff than anything else submitted to them.

He said: ”Weirdly enough the label preferred my recordings to the producer I’d been recording with. It wasn’t my choice, it was their choice. So they must be OK. I’ve been mixing them and making them sound real sharp and real nice.”

However, Jake was joined by superstar producer Jacknife Lee for three of the tracks.

The Nottingham-born star made his live return at BBC Radio 1 and Annie Mac’s special broadcast from London’s O2 Forum last night (29.02.16), where he appeared alongside The 1975 and Lady Leshurr.

‘On My One’ will be released on June 17

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