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Holiday marketing can really give your business a boost, giving you an opportunity to put out some fresh ideas and encourage a buzz around the services and products you provide.

There are hundreds of ways for businesses to re-brand themselves, or build on existing branding, to continue their image in the public eye. Companies all over the world cash in on Christmas every year, whether they redesign their website or slash prices for the festive season, but why can’t this apply to other holidays throughout the year too?

Easter is a huge holiday, providing us with a long weekend as well as obviously having huge significance with Christians around the world. If your brand can find a way to incorporate this into your branding or marketing strategy, you could open up another load of opportunities to show your audience just what sort of business you are.

Connect to your customers

Branding around a holiday can make your customers feel connected to your brand; demonstrating that you are in tune with current events and are able to tap into things going on in the real world. This could help you engage with your customer base and even attract new clients.

On top of this, doing a bit of holiday branding can incorporate bit of fun into your usual approach to business and allows you to do something a little different. Here are a few ideas to use throw Easter into the mix for your brand this year.


Shoppers wandering around your store, whether you are a big department store or a little corner shop, may not always know what they are looking for. However, providing a little incentive as they are walking around may encourage them to buy something. Your incentive could be absolutely anything, from chocolate giveaways to a little gift, preferably something in line with the theme of Easter of course! Having these as customers walk in the shop, or as they are wandering round, could be a huge motivator and could result in a boost of sales.

Staff motivation

If your staff are having to work over the Easter weekend, or you want to say thanks as they head off for their long weekend, giving away a little something could be the best way to let your staff know that you appreciate them. Of course, branded with something Easter-themed or even personalised for them would take the gift to the next level. If you work in a high pressure environment, something like a stress ball would be the perfect solution.

Easter event

Your company could go as far as hosting an event on the build up to Easter; whether that means in the time leading up to the long weekend or over the Easter weekend itself, you could benefit hugely from this in terms of brand awareness. An Easter egg hunt could be a great way to get children and adults alike involved, providing the kids with some entertainment for the day while the parents remember who hosted it.

The opportunity to win an Easter prize within your company could also boost morale among the office while creating a bit of friendly competition. An Easter-themed (of course) competition for a corporate gift could be a brilliant way to keep spirits high for the religious holiday.

To be able to have such measures in place for Easter, you might need a number of products that are branded or personalised. Companies like Outstanding Branding have a huge range of products ready for you to choose from, whatever your needs may be.

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