4 Things The Fashion Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know


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The Fashion Industry


The fashion industry is worth billions of dollars, and a lot of us look at it as some beautiful world that is only accessible to the rich and famous. And, often, of course, it is. Not everyone can spank their credit card to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars for a Prada dress. But, despite the fact we all lust after the handiwork of the world’s greatest designers, there is a lot hidden from public view. It’s not just the top fashion houses, either. Some dodgy practices also trickle down into the mainstream. So, here are five secrets the fashion industry don’t want you to know.

There are more seasons than ever before

In days gone by, you would have spring/summer and fall/winter collections – just twice a year. Today, however, there seems to be a micro-season every week. It’s all an attempt to make us spend more money, of course. And, the pressure can be high enough to persuade us time and time again. One week, your skinny jeans could be on point, according to your favorite fashion blog. But the next, it could just as easily switch to baggy pants on the whim of some guy in an office in Milan.

Your clothes aren’t built to last

Now, here’s a good reason to spend a little more on your clothing and go for quality every time. The mainstream chain stores operate pretty close to their bottom line, and their quality output is very much at the bare minimum. So, you can expect your new clothes to start getting misshapen or losing threads in a rapid fashion. The idea, of course, is to get you back in the store to buy more. Buy better quality, and it will last you for a lot longer.



They pay celebrities

Us mere mortals are often a little irked at the idea of wealthy celebrities being given free clothes by top designers. When you think of the astonishing amount of money they earn, it is a bitter pill to swallow. Check out the net worth of popular celebrities for some examples of the figures we are talking about. However, what might make you spit out your coffee is not only do celebrities get free clothing, they also get paid to wear it. So, the next time you see some wonderful dresses coming down the red carpet, remember they are not endorsed – but paid for!

The discount stores aren’t discount stores at all

Who out there hasn’t been to a TK Maxx or Marshall’s to pick up some discount designer gear? Top labels at a fraction of the price, right? Well, not quite. Outlet stores do deals with designers that allow them to use their names on labels of much cheaper clothes. These items of clothing hardly ever come from the fashion house itself.  You are just buying inferior products, endorsed by the big labels. But, certainly not created by them!

That’s all we have time for today – let us know if you have any secrets that the fashion industry doesn’t want us all to know!

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