Emma Willis says her style is inspired by Victoria Beckham


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TV host Emma Willis has revealed her style is inspired by Victoria Beckham and Gwen Stefani, and she has admitted she would love to design a clothing line which is like the Spice Girls singer’s self-title label.

The 40-year-old television presenter has admitted the former Spice Girls singer gives her ”fashion envy”, and she loves every piece released by Posh Spice’s self-titled label.

Emma Willis

The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ front woman said: ”I get fashion envy every time I see Victoria Beckham in a pap picture. It’s like she’s in my mind. If someone could go in my head and design clothes for me, it would be everything she makes.”

Emma – who has two children, Isabelle, six and Ace, four, with Busted bassist Matt Willis – has also admitted crushes on Gwen Stefani’s eccentric wardrobe.

She added to the Metro: ”Not that I inspire to dress like her (Gwen), because I could never pull it off, but for pure balls, guts and sassiness. She looks awesome all the time.”

‘The Voice’ co-host has also admitted that she has to tone down her make-up to avoid looking older.

She said: ”Less is more. I’ll go for an eye or a lip, never both, otherwise I age 20 years.”

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty has admitted that she is avoiding maternity wear and is opting for clothes that will survive her current pregnancy – although she is not planning to add to her brood after her third child.

She explained: ”I’ve been trying to buy things I can wear again. Otherwise you end up buying a whole new wardrobe that you’re not going to use any more.”

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