6 Types of E-Commerce Businesses You Can Start Easily

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Many ambitious entrepreneurs dream of starting their businesses, but it can be challenging to develop an idea that is easily executable. E-commerce businesses take out the work associated with managing customers in person and allow you to work with your day job or studies, enabling you to capitalize on a talent you already have. Consider these six e-commerce businesses to create a profitable business:

1. Start a Niche Product Dropshipping Retail Business

Niche items will always be popular, regardless of the industry, as even anything as niche as hydro flasks or organic cat food has a following. Dropshipping is an order process that gets rid of the need for inventory purchases, storage, and shipping. When you work with a dropshipping vendor, you’ll have to notify your supplier when someone orders through your website. 

Find a market specialty to help you stand out from competing businesses and increase your trust and knowledge. Make sure you hire a web development agency to develop a website that appeals to audiences.

2. Create an Online Course 

The e-learning market is expected to grow $15 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 6.5%. If you have a skill in which you have extensive expertise, you can market yourself as an expert and start an online course. There will undoubtedly be someone looking to improve their skills in everything you provide, from baking to computers. With an online course, you may attract thousands of customers who pay for high-quality education. 

Self-paced online courses are among the most lucrative digital products to offer. You can work remotely at your home to make digital courses. They demand some upfront work, such as making a presentation or a video walk-through.

To assist in breaking up the learning information and make your e-course more engaging, you can incorporate quizzes, knowledge tests, and interactive exercises. It’s best to begin on a free platform, like Youtube, and work toward releasing detailed paid courses later. 

3. Sell Your Handmade Goods 

Due to online marketplaces for handmade goods like Etsy, it is straightforward to sell your handmade products online now. This is an excellent option if you have the passion and persistence to sustain an online handcrafted items business. Such items range from macrame handicrafts to paintings. 

Selling your handmade goods in an online store is an excellent method to make money while staying home and doing what you enjoy if you have a distinctive talent. If you buy your creative materials in bulk from a crafting provider, you can save on start-up costs as well. You can also consider using Youtube and Instagram Reels to attract viewers and monetize your videos to create a passive income stream.  

4. Start Tutoring Services 

Lessons or courses alone may not be enough for some individuals seeking one-on-one assistance to understand their subject matter. Consider launching an online tutoring service for a subject if you excel at one-on-one instruction and have extensive experience and knowledge. 

You can also coach people who need assistance with career advancement, improving their diet, discovering greater meaning in their life, or anything. As an online coach, your objective is to provide your clients with guidance, direction, and support instead of assigning exercises and grades. You can conduct these sessions remotely and share your knowledge with anyone, anytime, anyplace, using video chat platforms like Zoom or Skype.

5. Start Writing 

Technical writing intends to simplify complex information for readers of user manuals, technical reports, software, and other technical products. You can start an online business where customers can hire your technical writing services if you have a background in science and good writing skills. You need to effectively communicate scientific findings or produce an instruction manual for companies. 

Most people ask for assistance when creating resumes or cover letters. You can offer these job searchers your skills in creating strong resumes and cover letters. To prove your skill, create a portfolio of excellent resumes and cover letters you have written for others.

6. Start a Subscription Box Service 

Consumers will spend $38.2 billion on e-commerce subscriptions in 2023, which makes it a great product idea worth investing in if you want to earn a recurring income stream. In this e-commerce business, you will bill customers monthly in exchange for a subscription box, like groceries, menstrual hygiene products, or lunch boxes.

Make sure you do your research and choose an industry where the subscription business model is already widespread. As your location can affect your business if your product is perishable, make sure you research your locality well. 


Online courses allow you to learn and improve the skills required for the mentioned business ideas. The most long-lasting and successful businesses are the ones that cater to a specific audience that often reorders.

In the second quarter of 2022, 14.8% of all sales were made online and are anticipated to increase to 22% by 2024. So, now is the time to launch your ecommerce business. Make sure to research extensively before investing and launching.  

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