Which are the best places in the Hyderabad to setup start-ups?

In terms of funding and deal count, Hyderabad has now entered the league of top five start-up hubs in India. Needless to say, this news will inspire many start-ups to flock to the city. If you also belong to this league, here’re the top places in Hyderabad that are famous for helping start-ups thrive.


The sought-after destination for start-ups in Hyderabad, HITEC City is one of the most popular tech industry hubs in Telangana. Spanning across more than 151 acres, HITEC City houses offices of leading IT corporations like Microsoft, Wipro, IBM, Oracle, and more.

Not only the area has a superb start-up-friendly culture, but it is also well-connected to different areas of Hyderabad through several roads and a rail network. It also has a metro rail station on its name on Hyderabad Metro’s Blue Line. The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is around 24 kilometres away from HITEC City.

Also, HITEC City boasts a large number of shared office spaces that provide fully-equipped workspaces at affordable rates. If you want to try out coworking spaces in Hyderabad, HITEC City will certainly be the location you should explore first.


Situated in Ranga Reddy district, Madhapur has become a popular destination among start-ups. Despite its proximity to HITEC City, commercial space rentals, as well as the membership fees of coworking spaces are lower than those in HITEC City.

Madhapur also has smooth connectivity to all major areas in Hyderabad, making daily commuting a hassle-free experience. It offers a perfect blend of large organizations in the IT & ITES sectors and small and mid-sized companies. As a result, start-ups in Madhapur get various growth opportunities and plenty of resources to run their operations simultaneously.

Jubilee Hills

Although Jubilee Hills is a very posh location, there’s no shortage of growth opportunities for start-ups in different fields. Moreover, the place is home to many IT companies, media organizations, hotels, and other commercial establishments. And many of these rely on small-scale start-ups to run their business, which in turn helps to speed up their growth.

Similar to the places mentioned above, Jubilee Hills is also well-connected to other prominent locations in Hyderabad through road and metro rail networks. Additionally, there are several railway stations, including Secunderabad Junction and Hyderabad Decan, located in its proximity.

Another key reason why many start-ups choose Jubilee Hills is the availability of coworking spaces at reasonable rates. Although commercial property rentals are extremely high here, many shared office spaces offer their services at affordable rates, facilitating start-ups’ growth.


Located just around 5 kilometres from HITEC City, Gachibowli is another top destination for start-ups. Since the area is home to some of the leading companies like Microsoft, Amazon, TCS, Deloitte, Capgemini, Wipro, etc., start-ups get a lot of growth opportunities here. 

In Gachibowli also, the presence of several top-notch yet affordable shared office spaces plays a crucial role in motivating start-ups to shift their bases here. Additionally, the area has smooth connectivity and good public infrastructure, making all the resources required to run start-ups’ business operations easily available.

There are other places in Hyderabad that you may choose to launch your start-up. However, the places we mentioned above are the best ones and have a track record of nurturing start-ups and expediting their growth.

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