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Betty Moon

Since moving to Los Angeles from Toronto, Betty Moon has been making her mark in the music industry by placing her unique stamp of rock’n’roll and pop on everything she touches.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your latest music projects:

It’s been a whirlwind of a year already, I can’t even explain how thankful I am for all the great upcoming collaborations and positive feedback on my new album ‘Chrome’. I’ve been at this since the early 90’s when I was so young and simply trying day by day to climb the ladder in a very difficult to figure out industry. I started off in my hometown of Toronto, playing shows all the time until securing a major label record deal. I had been coming to Los Angeles for many years, and since playing at The Palace at Sunset and Vine in 91’, I was always enchanted by the vast history of the music culture here.To be able to play legendary venues like the Whisky A Go Go and The Troubadour where bands like the Doors and the New York Dolls played was a dream come true.

Fast forward 8 albums later and I feel like things are just getting started. I released ‘Chrome’ in late 2017 and have been really taking quality time to release different singles, music videos and creative media to promote the effort. For 2018 we’re still pushing the album while behind the scenes we’re working on another new album which is already sounding pretty exciting.

Why the move to Los Angeles from the beautiful city of Toronto?:

Things hit a point where I needed to listen to my heart and have a change of pace. Los Angeles is known to be an area of industry opportunity, but honestly I just love everything about it. It helps to have a big part of the music industry there, which only fuels my inspiration and work ethic by being surrounding by such an amazing friends, staff and colleagues. Being in LA has allowed me to grow my company Evolver Music into notable record label, licensing resource and production company to create and release music videos from my singles. I miss and visit Toronto often, but I don’t regret a single day being here in the Los Angeles area.

You’re known for being rock’n’roll to the core, but your latest album has a bit more electronic elements to it. Was there a reason for this?:  

I didn’t set out to make a pop/electronic record, but when you just go with the flow sometimes these things happen. We wanted to write an album that resonated with people in a different way that music has really drifted away from today.  If you look at albums from other bands, especially when they are 8 deep like I am, things change and people evolve simply because the person does as well. We’re all influenced by our surroundings, friends and most importantly the incredible music we listen to from other artists. My style will always be rock-centric, but I think it’s fun to think outside the box and play around with the genres you’re really into at the moment. For those Betty Moon fans out there though who haven’t heard the whole album, there are totally some rock songs that are rife with angst and that exemplify my unhinged attitude of kicking ass when need be.

You have a new music video for “Natural Disaster”, tell us about it:

We shot this incredibly fun video in Hollywood not too long ago and wanted to inject a bit of the “Betty Moon live” element into it along with a fun storyline.  The box represents the abstract of disaster and how it just appears when you least expect it and you are not ready for it. It can be masked by something, in this case a pink wig, but you best try at least to be somewhat prepared. Otherwise all hell will break loose. We are all natural disasters in some form or another.  No one human is perfect. We are all flawed and anyone that says they are good and pure is a fool.  We’ve all made our mistakes and we can only try our best to do the right thing. Sometimes we are simply fuckups and that’s just the reality of being a human being.  Everyone can judge and criticise everyone else as the haters they’ve become via social media.  But really now, it’s all relative isn’t it? When someone tries to judge what someone else is trying to do..I say “go out and do it better!”…and that’s all you can do.

The song/video is doing really well right now online and getting placements in retailers around the country, and am really proud of the band and actors for nailing it on this clip!

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What can we expect next from Betty Moon?:

We’re working on our next single that we’ll be releasing soon. I’m also in the studio with my band working on new music, and when we have time are writing a script for a new music video. I handle and direct all these projects so balancing all these exciting things is fun but very time consuming. Anyone can stay updated by visiting my website at –  

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